Top 10 unusual festivals in the world
Travel abroad — is not only a chance to relax, to see the local sights, but also a chance to get on a Grand, unusual and colorful festivals. Some of…

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Czech Republic
  the "Prague spring", "the Smetana litomyšl", "Hukvaldy Janacek", international music festival in český Krumlov international organ festival in Olomouc or "strings of autumn” – this is only the most…

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Where to go in September: 6 main festivals of the month


September many call the best month for travel. At this time the weather is pleasant, but yesterday crowded areas are not so crowded. As an added bonus – low prices and lots of seasonal holidays. What events are worth seeing in September?

Santa Tecla (Spain)


The feast of Santa Tecla – noisy and fun event in Tarragona. It is devoted to the patroness of the city and each time transforms Tarragona, filling its streets with life. Santa Tecla is considered intangible property of the whole of Spain. The roots of these celebrations go in the XIV century, when originated all major festive rituals. In the processions through the streets of Tarragona bring together musicians, dressed in the costumes the actors, dancers.

whatelse77 / Foter / CC BY

The most famous element of Santa Tecla – construction of a living tower. Participants stand to each other on the shoulders, trying to break last year’s records. There will be a lot of shows, performances and competitions, which are guaranteed to appeal to tourists.


The historical regatta (Italy)

In the beginning of the month Venice traditionally becomes the venue of the regatta. The canals of the city like back in the XV century, and the crews dressed in period costumes, are trying not just to win – at least Continue reading

Limassol carnival

The city of Limassol is known not only as the largest port in Cyprus, but is considered a top place for entertainment on the island. And it is so. The locals have fun and have fun all year round. Here discotheques and clubs, restaurants and cafes, shops and beaches are always full of people.

The most interesting time of year in Limassol is considered the end of winter. At this time there always is a favorite of local people the carnival.

The festivities begin two months before Easter, as a consequence, the start date changes. In 2010, the carnival will start on 4 February and ends on 14th February.

The festive atmosphere of the city is difficult to describe because such events are not held. Carnival in Limassol is different from other passing in the world. Everything seems to be similar: a procession through the city streets, a huge number of multi-colored confetti, dancing. But still the feeling that carnival is held strictly all the rules and customs.

The famous carnivals of the world more extravagant and Limassol is more like a children’s party. In Cyprus the family tradition are venerated as the Constitution of the state. Consequently, in colon walking on the street, you will not see naked women in feathers, dancing dancing, as well Continue reading

Holidays for Children in kindergarten (scripts)


The content of the article:

Scripts of holidays in kindergartens will help educators and teachers to make the kids a memorable holiday. The choice of scenario depends on the nature of the event and differs for holidays, theme parties and fun entertaining contests. The holiday script in kindergarten may be:

– in a musical format;

sports orientation ;

– thematic;

– for the public holiday;

– season (or the season). For example, a summer holiday in kindergarten, the autumn holiday in kindergarten, autumn fair, winter, etc.

Winter holidays in kindergarten

Winter party for kids in kindergarten do not necessarily have to be devoted to the New year or February 23. The theme of the holidays in the winter time can be very different (e.g., winter, «winter sports», «winter adventure», «winter Olympic games» or «Yuletide carols»).

Below are some scenarios of holidays in kindergartens «winter» subjects:

– New year». The script for everyone’s favorite holiday need to make well before the event. The new year should be associated with something fabulous, magical and wonderful. On this basis, it is necessary to consider the scenario of a children’s holiday in kindergarten. Continue reading