Summer festivals in Finland
  Summer in Finland, tourists will not be bored. At this time, there are many cultural and entertainment events – a traditional festival of Opera and jazz, and alternative, as…

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Food festivals of Italy. Puglia: a festival Tipica
Try to come to dinner to a local family will feed you so that you will not be able to get up from the table, and the owners are lamenting…

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Summer festivals is an important event in the cultural life of France


Theatre, dance, music. Summer is the perfect time to participate in cultural events and numerous festivals taking place throughout France.

After “Cherbourg spring” and the festival “Night of Fourviere”, which was organized in Lyon in June, “Solidays” opened in late June, the season of summer festivals that take place throughout France under the sign of the sun and relaxing.

According to the 2012 French society of authors, composers and publishers of musical works (Sacem), 33% music festivals — 274 and this event is held in July, against 125 in August and 138 in the fall.


France festivals appeared after the Second world war, but popularity they have gained in the 80-ies in connection with the active conduct of a decentralization policy. “Today, France is one of the leaders by the number of festivals. This is because the state policy is aimed at supporting culture,” explains the head of the Federation “France Festival” Benedict Domes. In music a study in 2012 Sacem, touched 841 festival. Received their copyrights amounted to 12 million euros.

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