Unusual festivals
First creative success of the Theater - I degree diploma at the all-Union festival of puppet theatres for the artistic design and puppets in the play "Ruslan and Ludmila" /94…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world
  1. The festival ’s Las Payas" (Valencia, Spain ) Fire festival is held from 14 to 19 March and attracts thousands of tourists. Every day, at exactly 14 hours…

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Limassol carnival

The city of Limassol is known not only as the largest port in Cyprus, but is considered a top place for entertainment on the island. And it is so. The locals have fun and have fun all year round. Here discotheques and clubs, restaurants and cafes, shops and beaches are always full of people.

The most interesting time of year in Limassol is considered the end of winter. At this time there always is a favorite of local people the carnival.

The festivities begin two months before Easter, as a consequence, the start date changes. In 2010, the carnival will start on 4 February and ends on 14th February.

The festive atmosphere of the city is difficult to describe because such events are not held. Carnival in Limassol is different from other passing in the world. Everything seems to be similar: a procession through the city streets, a huge number of multi-colored confetti, dancing. But still the feeling that carnival is held strictly all the rules and customs.

The famous carnivals of the world more extravagant and Limassol is more like a children’s party. In Cyprus the family tradition are venerated as the Constitution of the state. Consequently, in colon walking on the street, you will not see naked women in feathers, dancing dancing, as well Continue reading

The world Begins the season of carnivals


Carnival “peak” in the world falls on February and the first half of March. Although the Russians and the Belarusians have not yet caught up with the Europeans in the desire to regularly attend such events, interest in foreign costumed festivals and carnivals is increasing every year.

“This segment is just beginning to develop, however, in my opinion, for event tourism future. This is a chance not only to relax in a country, but also a lot to see”, – said General Director of “Pegasus” Anna Podgornaya.

According to her, while Russian and Belarusian tourists are not so actively interested in carnivals and other similar events taking place abroad, so for the tour operators and travel agents have the task to promote event tourism, especially in the off-season.

The most famous carnivals are traditionally held in Europe – Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Germany. Also at the end of February carnivals will be held in Andorra, from 28 February to 6 March in the Dominican Republic, from 9 to 12 February in India, from 14 to 22 February in Mexico.

From 15 February to 6 March 2013 the annual carnival will be held in nice, France

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5 of the most famous carnivals in the world


Carnival culture – a mixture of dance, song and costume ideas, which have their roots in Medieval times. People always wanted to feel freedom and independence from their jobs, family, politics or religion. This freedom gave them the carnival.

Carnivals: the most famous Brazilian extravaganza

Brazilian carnival is probably the most colourful among all mass extravaganzas in the world. This benchmark, which are equal to other carnivals. Brazil in February goes crazy with incendiary Samba, drum beats and hot dance till the morning. The carnival in Rio gathers millions of viewers from different parts of the world.

After the official opening of the carnival, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro competition begins dance schools for the title of best. Look at their colorful procession with a huge moving figures and beautiful brasiliani in costumes made of flowers and feathers attracts a lot of tourists. Not only in the sambódromo, but in every bar, cafe or beach Rio de Janeiro continues dance and musical fun that lasts 4 days and 4 nights.

Known carnivals of the world: Italian extravaganza masks

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