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Holidays in Australia


Australia – is a unique country because of its geographical situation has developed separately. Of course, the continent is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so if the English, and many English traditions, including holidays, well caught. However, its geographical isolation and climatic conditions could not affect the culture of the people. Most strikingly, these differences manifest themselves in the holidays.

Many Australia holidays are celebrated in England, however, the tradition of celebrating differ greatly. Here celebrate Christmas, New year, Valentine’s Day (General holidays). Australia has its own, unique occasions, like here in China celebrate the New year according to the lunar calendar, and the celebration of Mardi Gras is celebrated with a parade of gays and lesbians. Note that in Australia doesn’t celebrate the spring and summer Bank Holidays, traditional holidays for England. The following is a list of official holidays of Australia, will briefly tell you about the traditions of celebrating, and we also give the most common vocabulary for each holiday.

Christmas – Christmas

Date of celebration . 24 Dec. – 25 Dec.

The reason for the celebration . Without exaggeration be called the most important holiday of the year. Celebrated the birth (birth) of Jesus Christ.

Holiday traditions :

• Christmas in Australia begin to celebrate long before the official date. It all starts with the November parade in the capital of Australia. In the parade participate various artists and musicians, and at the end of the procession comes the Grand entrance of Santa Claus. Santa goes to a Magical cave, where he will sit until Christmas. Anyone can visit.

• In many parts of Australia, the Santa replaced the Swag Man (the grandfather with the bag). Grandfather lives all year on the island Urulu, and Christmas goes with his assistant, a dog-Dingo, people and carries gifts.

• Before Christmas there are a variety of shows with songs (carols), and before you organize a great Christmas concert.

• on Christmas eve, all of social life dies. People go to visit, to celebrate the holiday with family.

Related vocabulary :

Christmas sale-Christmas sale

To write a letter to Santa Claus – to write a letter to Santa Claus

Christmas Eve – Christmas eve

deer [dɪə] – deer

stuffed turkey [‘tɜːkɪ] – stuffed Turkey

Christmas stocking [‘stɔkɪŋ] – red Christmas sock

Boxing Day-Boxing Day

New Year – New year

Date . 31 Dec. – 1 Jan.

The reason for the celebration :

The most ancient (the oldest) of the existing holidays. Marked the beginning of a new calendar year. However, in England this holiday has a smaller scale than Christmas.

The traditions of the holiday .

• New year in Australia is a noisy, cheerful holiday.

• Australia’s first on the planet celebrates the beginning of the new year.

• Many Australians celebrate new year in bars or discos, as well as outdoors (aided by heat).

• the culmination of the festival ’ s Grand fireworks display in Sydney harbour.

• January 1, people go on picnics or to the beach, where “depressaria”.

Related vocabulary :

Happy New Year . — Happy New year!

New Year party — the New year

fur-tree [fɜː], Christmas tree – fir

to decorate a Christmas Tree-decorate Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations-Christmas decorations

to give presents – giving gifts

midnight [‘mɪdnaɪt] – midnight

to decorate with garlands [‘gɑːlənd] – garlands to decorate

fireworks [faɪəwɜːks] – fireworks

barbecue [‘bɑːbɪkjuː] – barbecue

beach party-beach party

Australia Day – Australia Day

Date . Jan.26

The reason for the celebration . on this day in 1788 the first British fleet arrived in Australia, after which the first settlement was founded.

Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday – good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday

• Organizes fairs and festivals.

• Australians are going with family and friends for a picnic.

• In Sydney gets a Grand view «Royal Easter show”.

• Holidays last 4 days, from Friday to Monday (inclusive).

Related vocabulary :

Jesus Christ [‘ʤiːzəsˌ(kraɪst)] – Jesus Christ

crucifixion [ˌkruːsə’fɪkʃ(ə)n] – the crucifixion of Christ

Easter basket-Easter basket

The Resurrection [ˌrez(ə)’rekʃ(ə)n] – the resurrection (of Christ)

Easter egg – an egg at Easter, “Easter egg”

Christ is risen! ” Christ is risen!

Anzac Day – the Australian army Day

The gift of conduct . April 25.

The reasons for the celebration . Australian and new Zealand soldiers landed in Turkey during the First world war. Remember all the soldiers who died for the Motherland.

Church service – worship

Fallen for their country – lost in the name of homeland

Killed in action – fallen on the battlefield

Military parade – a military parade

Queen’s Birthday – the Queen’s birthday

Date . 21 Apr. and June

The reasons for the conduct . Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Australia celebrates this holiday because it is part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

So, we have listed the main holidays of Australia. There are those who we have not mentioned. For example, in Australia is celebrated labor Day and mother’s Day. Note that these holidays are not national.