Holidays and festivals in Thailand
  In Thailand is the huge number of holidays is a tradition that everything here carefully observe and honor. Also festivals: some very fun and colorful, other – formal and…

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Unusual holidays around the world
In a beautiful small town, located near Gloucester, on the last Monday of may races are held with a rolling cheese. According to the rules of the competition round head…

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10 most bizarre festivals

Every year thousands of people gather to take part and look at really unusual festivals. The roots of many of these celebrations have deep roots embedded in the old days, but some still young. Although all the festivals are completely different, one thing they have in common: the singularity.

On the last Wednesday of August in the Spanish town of buñol going 9000 local and 20000-40000 visitors to throw at each other  tomatoes in honor of the virgin Mary and St. Louis Bertrand, the patron Saint of the city. This tradition has existed since 1940 gg, although under the rule of Franco was suspended. According to the rules of the festival begins only after someone climb up on a wooden pole with a height of 2 floors, pre-lubricated with soap. At the top of the post daredevil expects pork ham (jamon). Then begins firing on the participants from their water cannons, and on the streets emit 100 tons of tomatoes. Women dressed in white, and the men no shirt. After the battle, the walls of the surrounding houses become red and tomato goo on the pavement reaches the ankles.

Cheese festival takes place every may in Glocestershire, UK. During the festival, with a steep descent down the hill head cheese, which run hundreds of people, risking their neck. Every year during the feast of injuries happen, so children were not permitted to participate in the race. They have a separate contest running up the hill.

8. Bonfires of Saint John the Baptist

Bonfires of Saint John the Baptist – the popular Spanish festival, which takes place from 19 to 24 June. A distinctive feature of this unusual holiday are large bonfires and fireworks. The locals love to SIP hot chocolate, watching the bonfires. But then things get interesting. The village children start to jump over the fire. After 24 June contests fireworks, sporting events and a medieval street fair.

All the same Spain. Every year on the fourth Sunday of January, the inhabitants of a small town Manganeses-de-La-Polvorosa gather together for a special festival – Cast of the goat – in honor of St. Vincent de Paul. The festival itself is so old that no one remembers when it started. A young man ties a goat, carries her to the bell tower of the village Church, and drops down to where the little goat (most likely) catch the springboard. Local authorities tried to ban the festival, but it still takes place every year.

Of hadak Matsuri – Japanese festival where all participants are almost naked. He goes several times a year in many regions of Japan.  All the participants of the celebration were men who dressed in loincloths, fundoshi and shod in Taby. Often on holiday use dirt (for fun). In some cities held similar festivals for children. First of Hadak Matsuri was a religious event, but then these sources was gradually forgotten.

And again Spain. Since 1620, Colaco (or jumping over babies) is an annual Spanish festival. This ceremony is held during the Spanish religious celebration of the Lord’s Body. During the festival, grown men, colaco dressed in red and yellow costumes devils leap-month-old babies lying on a mattress. So they deliver them the evil eye and spoilage.

Every year in the Spanish town of Las Nieves are going to people who were once on the verge of death, to attend a mass in honor of St. Mary Ribarteme, patron Saint of resurrection. The heroes of the occasion lay in the coffin and carry it to the Church cemetery. The procession moved with a downcast look. But then – a miracle! a dead man is resurrected. Everyone is happy and having fun. People let off fireworks, and the owners of the shops sell goods on religious themes.

Until recently, the annual festival held in Germany. Goose had tied him by the feet to a post, and then the participants had to beat him with batons while the poor goose is off the head. As a result of complaints from animal advocates, the participants of the festival now already hit a dead goose. A very similar festival takes place in – surprise surprise – Spain. Here a man does not hit a goose, and hanging on it, too, as long as the head of the goose does not come off.

Every year in spring in the Japanese city of Kawasaki is a festival of Kanamara Matsuri. It is a very peculiar festival of fertility. At the festival, selling a range of figures representing the reproductive organs of a person made out of various materials. Local residents, for example, cut out a Dildo from a white radish, and then sell them.

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival which takes place in January or February of each year in honor of the mythological events Parvati ransmission God of war Murugan a spear with which he killed the demon Surapadman. Festival participants shave their heads and make a pilgrimage to the city of Palani, after which the pilgrims pierce my tongue or  cheeks  very sharp hairpins. Some pass through in the skin of the back hooks, which pull heavy objects. The purpose of this action is to cause as much pain: the more one experiences, the greater the blessing he receives from the gods.