10 weird festivals, the sequel
  In honor of the official animal of Alaska in a small town there is a strange festival. In the framework of a large number of moose dung runs on…

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the Original Festivals of the Slavs
Nature is everything that is in God Kind. One of the Laws of Nature is cyclical. Everything is going in the world according to cycles: day and night, autumn -…

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Unusual festivals

First creative success of the Theater – I degree diploma at the all-Union festival of puppet theatres for the artistic design and puppets in the play “Ruslan and Ludmila” /94 dolls/. Based on the poem by A. S. Pushkin. Art Director – A. Tsukanov. Director-producer – B. L. Oseledec

In 1988 directing the play “mouse Mytsyk” Irina Tsukanova received the diploma of I degree at the national festival. Actress Galina Zgurski and Ludmila Taran received diplomas of III degree.

In the third decade of the Theatre takes part in the International festival “Cristales vtree”. Diploma of the Festival marked the play “Much”. Personal certificates are awarded to the best actor’s work. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

In 1995 – Theatre – participant of the International festival of the Nordic countries, in Germany /Aachen/. The play “Variety” Serpentine “or Dolls can all” received the diploma of I degree. Author and Director – I. Tsukanov.

In 1996, the theatre takes part in the International Festival “Zolotyi Telesyk” (G. Lviv), the show “the speckled hen” received a diploma and a special prize for the music / composer T. Tsukanov /. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

In 1997 the theatre – participant of the International festival “Interslice 97” /Uzhgorod/. The play “Soskin house” received a diploma and a special prize were awarded to artists – N. Polyanskaya and A. Bychkov. Author and Director – Irina Tsukanova.

In 1999 the theatre takes part in the International festival “. skein” /Vinnica/ performances: “the Song of the little Mermaid” and “the ransom of red Chief”. The play “the Song of the little Mermaid” /Director N. Grigorieva/ was awarded with a certificate “For best directorial debut”.

In the year 2000. Nicholas puppet theatre participated in the International festival in the city of Donetsk with the show “Such” / author Maslov, Director I. Tsukanov /. Young artist A. korshikov received the diploma “For organic existence in the play”.

In 2001, at the International festival “. skein – 2001” Nikolaev puppeteers presented antiperiodicity story as a warning to moms and dads – the play “the Kid and Karlsson” /on the fairy tale by A. Lindgren, author N. Savva, Director post. I. Tsukanov/ Performance was awarded with a certificate “For significant achievements in the aesthetic education of the younger generation”.

In may 2005 – participant of the International festival “. skein-2005” /Vinnica/. The theatre received the diploma and Gratitude “For active participation in the IV International festival of puppet theatres” Podolsky skein “and “For high skills “. The play “the Princess and the pea” received the diploma for music /composer – A. Khodakovsky/. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

From 16 to 23 September 2008 – the theatre takes part in all-Ukrainian festival of puppet theatres in Zaporozhye. The play “the speckled hen” received the diploma of the participant of the festival “For long-term preservation of the play in the repertoire”. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

1 through 6 October 2008 – the play “Ugly duckling” opens the international festival “Interslice – 2008”, in Uzhgorod, on the basis of the Transcarpathian regional puppet theater. The theatre received the diploma of the participant, and a separate diploma for acting took note of the work of the actor Sergei Logvinenko / the role of the Ugly duckling/. Colleagues and viewers noted the relevance of the themes of the play and the highest skill of the actors. Director – Mikhail Uritsky.

From 15 to 19 November 2010 – the theatre takes part in V international theatre festival “Lelikov the meeting” /Donetsk/. The play “Lisica-almandite” was awarded a Diploma in the nomination “For contribution to education children Ukrainian language”.

In 2011. Nicholas Oblastnoy puppet theatre is awarded the Diploma for participation in the VIII International festival of puppet theatres “Zolotyi telesyk”. The play “Sonechko Snegovik” was awarded a Diploma “For wagami contribution to the development of lalawag theatrical art”.

In the same year solo performance “Geese-swans” takes part in the Festival “Lalkar children together”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary since the establishment of the Dnipropetrovsk city puppet theatre

In 2012. – solo performance “Geese-swans” was presented at the International festival in Moldova. The play was awarded the Diploma “For a modern interpretation of the Russian folk tale”.

In the same year – the premiere performance of “Koza Dereza”, based on the folk tale, takes part in the Second all-Ukrainian competition-exhibition “season Premiere” in the nomination “the best instant wilena of the national dramaturg on stage to the theatre lalok”. (Kiev)

And also in 2012, the play “the Tale of the fisherman and the fish” participates in International open festival of puppet theatres of the hero-cities (Volgograd).

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