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Summer festivals in Finland


Summer in Finland, tourists will not be bored. At this time, there are many cultural and entertainment events – a traditional festival of Opera and jazz, and alternative, as the world championship wife carrying and playing an invisible guitar.

In summer, Finland is becoming a platform for various cultural events. This summer will be no exception, and tourists will be invited to lots of events in different parts of the country.

From 15 to 19 June in the town of sodankylä, located 120 km from the Arctic circle, traditionally held a festival called “midnight sun”. Organized by the Directors Kaurismaki in 1986, the festival features a casual atmosphere – there are no red carpets, world movie stars sitting in the audience next to normal guests. Previously, the festival was visited by such famous figures of modern cinema, like Terry Gilliam, Milos Forman, Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch. The festival program is divided into three parts: the films of famous Directors, new movies and works of silent cinema, broadcast on the screen accompanied by live performances.

In 2011, the Finnish city of Turku was named the cultural capital of Europe. And, apparently, not in vain. Every year the city hosts dozens of events cultural orientation. This summer Turku in addition to take contemporary music festival Turku Modern, which will showcase the best examples of contemporary club culture, pop music and indie rock. Thus, among the participants of the festival, which will take place on 20–July 24, is one of the most successful Finnish “electronics” DJ Jori Hulkkonen.

In addition, 21–27 July, the city will host a seven-day city festival Park Experience, a program which includes various competitions, excursions, games, role plays, and exhibitions, theatre and dance performances. Visitors will be able to participate in several activities or to observe them in parks or through the Internet.

In early July – from the 8th to 10th – not far from the city will be one of the oldest rock festivals in Europe – Ruisrock. This year it will be held in Finland in the 41st time. Musical guests weekend will be the representatives of the Finnish rock scene and performers all over the world, such as The Prodigy, The National, Paramore, Hurts, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Manu Chao La Ventura and others.

No less interesting program awaits the country in the summer in other Finnish cities. Almost all of July – 1 on 27th – in the town of Savonlinna will be like Opera festival of world level. The main stage of the event, first held in 1912, by tradition, is the medieval Olavinlinna castle on the lake. The festival is expected to address about 300 artists from around the world.

Earlier this month another Finnish city of water – Pori – will cover jazz fever. From 9 to 17 July, in the 46th time, there will be a festival Pori Jazz. More than a week to the festival venues of the coastal city will be released more than a dozen of the world’s jazz bands, as well as the artists who performed in the genre soul, funk, Blues, hip hop, world music, – Elton John, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin and others. It is likely that the festival will be possible to meet the country’s President, Tarja Halonen, because she is his big fan.

A little later, on 10 July, in Finland will start a chamber music festival in Kuhmo, which for three decades of its existence, has become one of the largest in the country. For nearly two weeks, until July 23, small musical groups will be up on stage urban Church and to delight fans of classical music performance of works by Haydn, Mozart, Debussy, Schubert.

Almost at the same time, the town of Kaustinen will host a music festival of a different kind. From 11 to 17 July in this tiny village will gather fans of folk music, the number of which sometimes reaches 100 thousand.

Thousands of visitors are expected at the festival heavy metal Tuska, from 22 to 24 July will be held in the capital of Finland Helsinki.

Along with these satisfied the standard for a European country events this summer in Finland will host a series of competitions, whose main goal – not to identify the strongest, and to bring joy to the participants and their audience.

One of these fun contests – the world championship wife carrying – 16th edition will be held in the Finnish village of Sonkajärvi. Within two days – 1 and 2 July – a few pairs from different countries will compete in speed and the ability to overcome obstacles “upright”.

In the middle of the month – on July 15 and 16 – in the Ukkohalla will be no less fun competition – the world Championships in swamp football. It is expected that the participants will undergo a serious test of strength, but most importantly – will receive strong positive energy: regardless of the results of the championship always ends with a party with your friends.

The same strong emotions await visitors at the world championship playing air guitar, which will be held this year, the city of Oulu from 24 to 27 August. An unforgettable sight, as a potential rock stars show their ability to cope with an imaginary tool that has gained popularity all over the world.