Fashion festival – autumn Finland
  Every year in the fall of the year in most of the cities of Finland organised by local authorities thematic events that are associated with the fashion industry. At…

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Czech Republic
  the "Prague spring", "the Smetana litomyšl", "Hukvaldy Janacek", international music festival in český Krumlov international organ festival in Olomouc or "strings of autumn” – this is only the most…

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The Five dance festivals in the world


Among the festivals which are held all over the world perhaps the most prominent are the dance festivals . Well, where else but on a dance show programs, Grand costumed processions can be seen so much passion woven together in the movements of the dancers, competitive excitement, the gleam in his eyes, the atmosphere expected dance celebration! Here are our TOP five most spectacular, grandiose festivals of dance.

Canadian dance festival Wendake

One of the most remarkable and attractive dance festivals Wendake is held in Canada (Quebec). Local tribe of Indians of Huron (Huron-Wendat, Wyandot — the once-powerful Indian tribe in North America) believes that dance is sacred and executes it from year to year, from century century during the first 13-the moon (video dancing Indians see below). “Dance of Friendship” — so-called tourists and locals, who are always welcome at the festival. The Indians and festival guests Express their gratitude to Mother Nature for a bountiful harvest, singing while dancing the words that were passed by the Hurons from mouth to mouth for hundreds of years. Dancing people dance in a circle and alternately open in the center of the circle. There is no racism, there is a friendliness here the sparkle of joy in her eyes and a smile on his lips.

Vienna ball in Austria

The Viennese ball (Vienna Ball Season) is held annually in early March. The Viennese ball — this is a traditional event taking place in Vienna during the ball season. In I-St half of the XIX century in the carnival season every evening in Vienna was arranged to 250 balls. The ball opens with a dance performed 200 pairs. Danced everywhere: in huge luxurious halls and in small stores or cafes. On “Viennese ball” usually up to five thousand participants. The wait staff consists exclusively of specialists of the highest qualification: national orchestras musicians, chefs at the best restaurants, tailors and shoemakers. Because priehavshim to Vienna to dance nothing should be a hindrance. Guests must be able to dance a Viennese waltz, Foxtrot, quick-step. In dance celebration was attended by almost everyone from aristocrats to ordinary people. Girls coming from different countries of the world, takes a special Ball Committee. However, no matter what, the main criterion is the ability to dance! Especially skilled should be the Cavaliers, who will lead the ladies in the dance. The ball should open young couples debutants. Dance ball observed the particular ball, the Protocol of the ball.

Moroccan dance festival “FEZ”

The Moroccan city of FEZ — an ancient city in Morocco. Perhaps this is one of the few places in the world where the traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism peacefully coexist and friendly. It is here that every year in early June, the festival of sacred music and dance — Moroccan festival Fes . Fes has absorbed much of the secret inner teachings of each of the three religions. Dance Sufis (Sufis, Sufi dancing) — dance, dancing men in an altered state of consciousness. This dancing Sufi dervishes from Turkey (video below). They are dressed in ancient costumes in the form of huge flared skirts. They whirl to the music of raising his hands up and when the tempo increases, feel dizzy dancers fall into a trance.

Dance festival in Kenya — Samburu National Park

Extraordinary solidarity shown two Kenyan tribe – Samburu and Turkana. Together they live in a national Park Samburu (Kenya). The most famous dance is associated with the occurrence of the men of the tribe in “period of the warrior”: period lasts 10 years, and by the end of the period a man can marry. Get ready for this dance you need with great responsibility — so danced his ancestors for many centuries. Men dance and sing together and, one by one stepping forward, jump up as high as possible. Dance requires strength and endurance and is considered evidence of physical abilities. All participants dance celebration adorn themselves with ostrich feathers. Male dancers look quite elegant bright staining saples hair in pigtails and staining them with ochre and painted with ochre his body. Girls paint designs face and clothes donated by fans of bright beads. After the dance warriors in the tribe dance ” dance ” courtship “. Men dance around the girls . From time to time the dancers Boyfriends shake braided pigtails in the face of the girl, which want to make an appointment, showering his sympathy with ochre hair. All those present at the dance festival can join in the dancing, but not all have enough endurance 🙂

In the South of Nepal representatives Tara dance around a bonfire with a stick. A short, slim Nepali boys and young men zealously like mad, beating the rhythm with sticks. Dancer you need to be careful not to get a stick on. the fingers for example 🙂 the Dance doesn’t seem too complicated for the audience. The monks sing mantras, blowing a huge pipe, curved sticks beat in large drums.