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How to celebrate your child’s birthday in the summer

As to celebrate children’s Birthday party in the summer? We will try to help You plan the best holiday for the whole summer day!

Many children are nervous that their Birthday falls on summer days. After all, not to mention with schoolmates. We are confident that the warm summer days are the best days for an unforgettable party!

We expect to celebrate the birthday of You will be at their summer cottage. Holiday scenario and contests suitable for groups of children of different ages: from 6 to 13 years.

For party You will need the following materials: balloons, paper garlands, flowers, fruits, vegetables, sweets, cake, ice cream, juices, tablecloth, disposable tableware, garden furniture, a music center.

For the scenario “Summer adventure” You will need the following materials: a treasure (gift, bag, balls), paper, milk, matches, scissors.

First of all, You need to think about invitations for friends children. If he has friends to invite in person, we offer to write the time and place of the party directly into bright balloons. Have the child walk with a bunch of the neighbors and give the balls their comrades. To sign the ball should be as follows:

Dear …,

invite you to her Birthday party.

At … hours is … (address) you are in for a summer of adventures and tasty treats!

Waiting for you, …

Before the party you should decorate the area.

We offer You to make a choice in favor of brightness: rich summer colours. You can use flowers, fruit, balloons and garlands.

Festive table in the summer

It seems to us that summer table must not be overloaded hot dishes. We offer You to use the gifts of summer: fruit, vegetables and berries. Cover the table with a bright tablecloth, and on it put transparent glasses with “bouquets” of attractive orange carrots, sliced cucumbers. In some glasses, you should put the tomatoes, berries. Decorate a festive table clear jars with colored juices. But we should not forget about the sweets: the children will be disappointed if you don’t try the cake. In summer food is ice cream (buy several containers with different varieties and organize your giveaway ice cream). Also it is worth to stock up on two or three watermelons.

So, the invitation – balls received, the area is decorated, the table is ready. Soon there will be guests! You need to think about the holiday scenario.

If we have suburban area, sin not to use it! So we decided to start the adventure to find treasure! To make this card, which will be displayed the site plan, and one of the places will be marked as the place where the treasure. As the treasure can be the main gift for the birthday boy from his parents. And it was interesting to children to help put the treasure and surprises for them (sweets, pads, balls, etc.). We offer You to put the treasure in a big bag and put as many balls, how many will be invited.

Mastering map to search for treasure with his hands

Take a sheet of white paper and draw a plan of the site, but not with a normal pencil, and milk! Seal invisible card into the envelope. It put a magnifying glass and a match (after all, kids will be under Your supervision, isn’t it?). When the children find the card, they will need to heat the sheet, then dairy invisible ink will turn brown. Hide the treasure map and hide also, but in a different location (for example, in a hollow tree).

An example of such a map look for the article Ideas for kids Birthday

Write on a sheet of paper the phrase (without dots and commas): you need to find a card it is in a round cavity. Cut this label and give each guest one word.

The script summer Birthday “Summer adventure”

When guests appear, give them the pieces of the message. The celebration begins as usual: all sit at the table, have a snack, congratulations, birthday for the first time, give gifts.

After the children eat, remind them that everyone has a piece of paper with the word.

Interviewer: Well, what you ate? We will have time today to eat! And now it’s adventure time! Each of you have a piece of paper. It is the written word. You need to gather together and read the message. For this word we need to build in the correct order!

Children get together, put the phrase and go in search of the “round cavity” (we all remember that this is a hollow tree). You can replace the location of the card, but to call him better and mysteriously unclear: for example, in the shade of plants with many stems (under Bush).

Host: Yes! All right! You will find a map and will help our birthday find the treasure: this is another gift to him and little surprises for all of you!

If the children are savvy, they will quickly find the card. Next they need to figure out how to see what it depicts. After the children will heat the picture and see the map, their task is to find listed there.

The kids find the treasure, find the balls.

Further, we offer You to play Kick the ball.

Then organize a snack (get the watermelon, having a shop with ice cream). Give children the opportunity to go about their business, to rest and eat.

When the children have a rest, enjoy the Fun starts.

If possible and desired, arrange an evening bonfire in honor of the birthday boy (fry sausages, sing songs). Maybe a summer holiday smoothly flow into a slumber party. Who knows?