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Dear Star Kids! Dear parents and leaders!


Bright the holiday season comes to an end. It is time for our Kids to prepare for a serious and important work! The fall season “Star Kids” is looking forward to meeting with young artists!

Below You can find and download the competition rules

Click on the button below, You will be able to fill in the application form. Application deadline: October 14 (Kiev tours) and 27 October (Kramatorsk tour)

This season, the organizing Committee plans to hold three of the festival. Two of them will be held in Kiev (24 and 25 October 2015 SEC “Dream Town 1”, PR-t Obolonskiy, 1-B) and one in Kramatorsk (8 November 2015. CTA, Park street, 12-A)

The sequence of actions for managers and parents.

Kiev tours (24 and 25 October)

Step 1. Until October 14 (Kiev) please complete the application form on the website. After that You will contact the organizer to confirm the received application and to clarify the details. Step 2. Until October 14 (Kiev) prepaid participation – 70-80%. For the advance payment contact the organizing Committee.

Step 3. To arrive to the site better 1 hour before the start of Your unit because the area “Dream Town 1” very big. To cut a long seek, propose to enter the room from the side of the metro station “Minsk”. Scroll to the atrium “Greece”. On the escalator or the Elevator to the 3rd floor. To the left of the exit from the Elevator – closet. Parents and children take off the robe, then the leader takes the children to the dressing room.

Step 4. The dressing room is located behind the Elevator on-site “Tenns Dream”. In the dressing room are admitted to the child, 1 (one) accompanying parents and teachers. All the other guests wait patiently for their artists on the concert platform, which is located in the area of foot courts near the atrium “China”. In the dressing room is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to feed the children. These rules are due to two reasons: first, in the dressing room are quiet. clean and tidy, secondly, in the dressing room will not enter extraneous that will ensure the safety of things.

Step 5. While children dress up, the head goes to check on the concert stage. The registration Desk is located next to the table for the engineer. On registration, the supervisor submits the application Form of the established sample. which has a list of children with murals responsible for the life and health of the parents (download form below), pays the rest, receives prizes from partners of the project on number of children.

Step 6. Before each block of statements have a layout (recall – wiring, not the rehearsal room), then goes directly to the block (6-8 rooms), then rewarding. Attention! After the awards ceremony, be SURE to take pictures of children on our mobile Studio. Photography free. Photos will be used for placement in the section “participants”. Details about the service, see “Photo”. Then kids and parents can relax and use their prize vouchers.

Step 7. Among the prizes the kids get gift vouchers for ice skating, roller skating and cars. You can use them on the final day or any other day until the date indicated on the prize card. Vouchers are exchanged at the box office for a ticket and paid the cost of -1 UAH. Rent rollers, skates not paid. But we suggest you to take for a kid their videos (they will be more comfortable). If the child is unable (afraid not) to ride, this coupon can be used by an adult. If You want to log on to the site of rollerdrome together with the child, but without the roller – You will need to take with you or here to purchase Shoe covers. In addition to these gift vouchers will be awarded a coupon card “Dream Town 1” for adults.