Music festivals in the world
The weekend will long reverberate in the memory of the people echoes of summer music festivals, because these days have pleased fans of music events such as the annual festival…

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The newspaper ABC has chosen 12 of the best carnivals in Spain
  In February in Spain, the carnival season begins. In large and small cities held celebrations – scale and not very modern and has a long history. The newspaper ABC…

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Religious festivals and ceremonies of the peoples of the world



An ancient legend says: “the events of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary occurred in the small town of Nazareth, where Her elderly parents. Joachim and Anna were very kind, modest, elderly people that could be held in high esteem in people, if they had children. The absence of children was considered in Israel great misfortune.

Old people used to ridicule and found comfort in the Church. But one day on the feast of Joachim was not allowed to go to the altar. Grief, shame, resentment, he went into a desert place. Poor Anna all blamed herself. Cried, prayed and promised that if the miracle happens, she would dedicate the child to God.

According to ancient legend, Joachim in the desert, and Anna in the upper room, received from an angel the glad tidings that he heard their prayer.

And nine months later they had a girl.

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According to the custom of the Jews, on the 15th day after birth, was given Her the name of the Angel of God, Mary, what do you mean “miss”, “hope” This holiday is celebrated on September 21

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The son of God wanted to save people to take human form, and the blessed virgin Mary, He chooses his Mother.

The Nativity of our most Holy Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary is celebrated by the Church as a day of universal joy.

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There are 4 Inheritance of the Theotokos in the Orthodox tradition “a lot” of the Mother of God – Holy land, which is under Her special patronage. These are: Iberia (Georgia), Mount Athos, the Kiev-Pechersk monastery and the Holy Trinity St. Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery

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The second and third Portions of the virgin of the Holy mountain Athos and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

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About 1758, arrived in Kiev is rich in Ryazan landowner Agafia Semenovna Melgunov. Having lost her husband, became a mother Alexandra. Alexander’s mother went North Russia. Short 12 miles to Sarov. in the village of Diveevo mother of Alexander stopped for a rest and here she again saw the mother of God:

“That’s the place which I have commanded thee to look to the North of Russia. And here the limit that Divine Providence brought to you live and follow here the Lord God to the end of thy days”

This place was founded the Holy Trinity St. Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery-

the fourth portion of the virgin

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Patronized Diveevo nunnery Seraphim of Sarov.

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Arzamas temples in honor of the blessed virgin.

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Annunciation Church: yesterday and today.

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Protection of the blessed virgin — in the Russian Church is considered one of the great festivals.

Has a fixed date of celebration —

October 14.

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The legend reflects widespread in the Byzantine Empire, the worship of the robes (robe) of the virgin. In Orthodox Russia, under the word ‘cover’ to understand and bedspread and patronage. It is the patronage emanating from the image of the virgin, attributed to the numerous victories of the Russian army.

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In Russia the temples in honor of the Intercession of the Mother of God appeared in the XII century.

In Moscow by Ivan the Terrible, was built the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Mother of God (known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral).

On the Day of the Intercession of the Mother of God believers pray for the intercession and protection against all sorts of disasters. In the everyday life of the common people links the day of the Holy virgin with snow covering the ground, the end of agricultural work, collecting the last of the fruit.

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National signs on the feast of the Intercession

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In the temple of the blessed virgin Mary — Christian holiday, is celebrated on December 4