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The newspaper ABC has chosen 12 of the best carnivals in Spain


In February in Spain, the carnival season begins. In large and small cities held celebrations – scale and not very modern and has a long history. The newspaper ABC has compiled a list of 12 most notable of them.

1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In 1980 the local carnival was declared a festival of international tourist interest. Among the activities especially a large procession through the streets of the city. It is believed that the carnival in Tenerife is the second in popularity after the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The period from 6 to 17 February.

2. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

As part of this carnival attracts special attention costume contest and performances by murgas – groups performing satirical verses on hot topics and carnival groups. The festival will last from 1 to 17 February.

3. Cadiz

The local carnival is also declared a festival of international tourist interest. Within it are various groups – choirs, carnival groups, quartets, etc. Time – from 7 to 17 February.

4. Badajoz

This carnival stands out for its mass – attended by a very large number of people. In their speeches murgas Badajoz will touch on the most notable events of the past year; in addition, the stage will rise choirs, which include a minimum of 20 people. The carnival runs from February 8th-12th.

5. Ciudad Real

The highlight of the carnival is the big costume parade, which will take place on Sunday, February 17. It involved the best group from all the towns of the province. The festival will be held from 9 to 17 February.


Carnival activities are accompanied by lights and last for a whole week, from 5 to 12 February. Planned distribution of traditional carnival cakes, humorous sermon of king carnival, the carnival parade of the bands on the Rambla Nova, the dance of the devils and much more.

7. Bielsa (Huesca, Aragon)

The origin of the local carnival associated with ancient fertility rites. Unmarried young men wear skirts and plaid shirts, covering the head and back sheepskin rugs and painting your face black. Their images are very contrast with the images of unmarried girls who dress in skirts with bows and ribbons, symbolizing purity. The carnival will be held from 7 to 10 February.

8. Viana del Bollo (Ourense, Galicia)

This carnival has all the classic attributes: carnival groups, social criticism, satire, dances, skits, parades and more. It will take place Sunday, 10 February.

9. Velilla de La Reina (Leon)

Sunday afternoon the streets of the town filled with unusual characters, including the man-tree, bears, man with claws, the ox driver in an unusual costume, and others. Then the Teamsters portray humorous “bull”, running for unmarried girls. The celebration will take place on 10 February.

10. Almirola (Guadalajara)

During carnival, the local men wearing cardboard or plaster masks of bright colors, tiaras paper flowers, white shirts, black belts and leggings to match, and also the shoes. Women wearing white dresses with ruffles and fabric mask. To see it with my own eyes and will be on Saturday, February 9th.

11. Lance (Navarre)

The Central character of this carnival is a smiling giant MIEL the Browsing of Basque mythology, ten foot tall, dressed in a shirt with flowers and peaked cap. Visit a local festival from 10 to 12 February.

12. Zalduendo de Alava (Basque Country)

The local carnival activities revolve around Markitos – doll, which is the embodiment of the spirit of the carnival. The locals still wear it through the streets, and then hung on a stick in front of the Church. This will take place on Sunday, 10 February.

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