Holidays in Australia
  Australia – is a unique country because of its geographical situation has developed separately. Of course, the continent is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so if the…

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Multicultural youth festivals of Russia.
  Thematic youth conventions . or, as they are called in Russia, festivals . brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy, movies and animated films, as well as other Hobbies…

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Rio de Janeiro – the City of carnivals.


Rio de Janeiro will always remain for all the city of Samba. And every Friday evening in one of the neighborhoods you can watch the guitarist and the dancer. Café sparkle visitors. Rio will always remain the capital of excitation.

After rain washed out the entire city, all bridge road to black street quickly filled with the smell of passion. Clogged clubs people and she’s on stage. Teresa Cristina. It does not need to see, for the happiness of each visitor at least to listen to her voice and enjoy it.

Rio, the city where the poor get rich. Carnivals do with the city is really a part of the show.

Carnivals are always trained members of the Samba schools. The carnival itself is bright and colorful. In my ears resounds from music. In the eyes of the splash all the paint from dark to bright. The action that takes place on carnival platform can not fail to fascinate. Pours from the speakers Samba. Participating in the carnival burning dance Samba, smile, someone sings. Everyone knows that this action is waiting for all of Brazil.

For residents of Brazil, the carnival is not just a holiday. For them, the carnival has already become a cult. On the day of the carnival they forgive all the accumulated resentment. They rest showers and body on this welichem the holiday. Here created such an atmosphere that ignites the air around. At once all starts to winnow eroticism. On platforms dancing half naked most beautiful girls and guys in exotic costumes. The rhythm is there and makes me move all. Nude girls with painted in body art body vilanculous the rhythms of Samba. All around lives. And lives in a very quick and exciting pace.

It is also interesting that the authorities are providing a big dose of eroticism carnival handing out free contraception.

From year to year, the theme of the carnival is changing. Every time you create new images and stories. Besides the costumes as well perelivajutsa every year. In addition to viewers whom you want to surprise there and judge. She evaluated each platform on certain items. Movement, music, costumes, and even the viewer is taken into account by the judges.

Before joining the Samba on the platform, the participants create a huge queue. And if to come close you can see a lot of interesting and charming elements of a great script. Platform in addition to dancers includes heroes, mystical creatures and animals. Different stuffed animals and and theme the platform. Often in the form of something. Maybe spider or chariots. In turn, the platform is created with multiple tiers and Central dancers. They are so huge that they can tell a very large story and act out the whole scenario.

But by itself, the carnival is considered to be so prestigious that participate gladly accept celebrities and Brazil. Dancers are selected from the best Samba schools. Tourist can participate in the carnival, just not paying a small sum of money in two or three thousand dollars. Carnival generally feeds on money from tourists. All the suits are made specifically to attract money and tourists. Carnival And entertains and feeds Brazil. The cost of the carnival exceed three million dollars a year.

Only proceeding with the amount of money spent should go at least once in my life for such action. See with your own eyes, dance in the rhythm of the music. This is a fascinating action, which entails the whole crowd, enchanted them dancing, rhythm and songs. The money is actually to get to the carnival to pay is not necessary. You just need to pay for food and accommodation is not a small amount. And for a room with Windows facing the carnival area will tear off in full. But it’s worth it. The eroticism of the show not to transmit a single photo or a television broadcast. There just need to be. And if You want to drive and sexual charge, then carnival is for You.