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Holidays in October


In October holidays quite a lot – more than three dozen.

Among them are purely professional. For example, teachers Day, celebrated on 5 October. It is a celebration of all Russians: all in school or continue to do it, and am proud of those who gave or gives a start in life, attaching to a variety of knowledge. School October 5, full color, well-dressed children, parents and, of course, teachers themselves. Teachers sound warm greetings and good wishes from all present.

To professional holidays include world post day, the Day of the Riot, the Day of the army in Russia, etc.

At the same time in October and have a few unusual holidays, for example international smile day, which is celebrated at the beginning of the month. Associated with the emergence of the Internet in our lives in General smiley – yellow smiling faces, made in ten minutes modest American artist Harvey bell. Smiley was even stolen, and became the trademark of the company, which has branches all over the world. But often they are those who travel around the World wide web. Communicating with each other in the network, we actively use happy, sad, puzzled and with other mines on the face emoticons.

But the international day of older persons at the beginning of October and the Day of the grandparents at the end of it interact among themselves. But the essence is the same – all over the world honoring the older generation who, even after retiring, do not remain without works – help children in the upbringing of grandchildren, in addressing the endless domestic and other problems. And these days in families flowers, like in offices where older people continue to work. Veterans are given gifts, premiums in envelopes, endows them with kisses and warm embraces.

In the second autumn month, a number of countries celebrate the day of independence, Cyprus, Guinea, But the people’s Republic of China in October has found its new state status with the Communist ideology and the Communist party at the head. With a population of more than half a billion in China now – thriving world power with a strong economy that is literally in its rapid development comes on the heels of the USA, and takes after them a leading position on the planet. In October formed the state of South Korea. He, too, developed economy, modern city, the goods of production (cars, household appliances and other equipment) are willing to buy on all five continents. In October in Portugal is widely celebrated Republic Day.

Apart in the list of holidays in October is the twenty-fourth number is the international day of United Nations. Created immediately after world war II on the initiative of the victorious countries, the UN has played and continues to play a major role in maintaining world peace. But every year and month international UN day is devoted to a specific topic. For example, on January 27 – the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust.4 February – world cancer day. March 21 – international day of people with down syndrome. We all remember the sensational in Nizhny Novgorod the story of the expulsion from the sisters cafe model Natalia Vodianova for the reason that the bearer of this particular disease. And can scare off the respectable public institution. A blatant case! And the point in the investigation is not yet delivered. But the most sad and disgusting that it was the place to be! So the world day of people with down syndrome, never been more appropriate!

October on the topics of holidays are very diverse. Then you and the world no tobacco day. International jazz day, which has many admirers in Russia. World day against child labour.

World food day, the Intercession of the Holy virgin, and Even the Day the boss, boss – again – the holidays in October for three dozen. Note their different categories of people, sometimes in narrow his circle. But note with pleasure, with the mood – and that, actually, is the best in the world than coming wonderful holiday!