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Holidays and festivals in Thailand


In Thailand is the huge number of holidays is a tradition that everything here carefully observe and honor. Also festivals: some very fun and colorful, other – formal and majestic. But, whatever the festival, or holiday, in any case, having been on it, you get a lot of positive, memorable experiences. Will tell you about some holidays and festivals.

National holiday Makha Puja Thais celebrate when there’s a full moon in the third lunar month. Usually this holiday is celebrated in late February or early March. This holiday is connected with the events in Buddha’s life – in that day 1250 followers of the Buddha, not saying a word, came to him from different parts of the country to hear him preach. This day considers public holiday throughout the country. Thais should be sure to make this day any honest work. And after sunset, Thai people come to churches with candles and flowers to honor the memory of the Buddha and his followers.

Very popular fishing in Phuket – addictive and amazing pastime, when hundreds of anglers competing for the biggest caught the trophy.

Festival of flowers. Every year during the second week of February from Friday to Sunday in Thailand is a festival of colors. It is held in Chiang Mai, which is North of Bangkok by 700 kilometers. Flowers decorated special rafts, organises competitions, and at the end of the festival Queen is selected flowers.

Every year on 6 April, the Thai people celebrate the day of the Chakri dynasty – ruling Royal dynasty of Thailand. This dynasty is one of the longest ruling – ruled Thailand since 1782. On this day all the Royal family spends a religious ceremony in the chapel Royal. During the ceremony commemorated the memory of ancestors, and laid wreaths at the monument of Rama I the first king of the dynasty.

Thai New year – Songkran is celebrated from 13 to 15 April. However, the representatives of the ancient Mon people this holiday is celebrated in the second week of April. The look ambitious celebration – parades, shows, it is also interesting celebrated the new year in hotels of Karakol. And, of course, this holiday is not complete without worship.

Visakha Puja is a national holiday, a Holy day of birth, initiation and death of the Buddha. All believers Thai people are gather in churches with flowers and candles and make my rounds around them.

In the second week of may, the festival of missiles. The villagers purchased or self-made rockets, which are later start to the sky. So they want to “appease” the sky so that it gave them more precipitation.

August 12, Thailand celebrates the birthday of the Queen. This day is recognized as a national holiday. The full moon of the 12th month marked by the festival of lo Krathong. After sunset all Thais, is lowered into the river Krathong. It’s the little rafts, decorated with flowers within, and candles. Notably, many with flowers and candles on the raft put your own nails or hair, so the water took away all the bad things with them.

On the weekend of the third week of November in Surin elephant show is held. The city marching about one hundred animals. Elephants participate in views, columns go in the city. So arranged a Grand and unforgettable holiday in honor of these intelligent, obedient, strong and noble animal. At the end of the holiday elephants prepare treats: fruit and sugar cane.

December 5, Thais celebrate King’s birthday. This is also a national holiday. He noted a few days. And the city these days is decorated so beautifully that the streets resemble a whole alley of light. On December 10, the people of Thailand celebrates Constitution day.