Czech Republic
  the "Prague spring", "the Smetana litomyšl", "Hukvaldy Janacek", international music festival in český Krumlov international organ festival in Olomouc or "strings of autumn” – this is only the most…

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Unusual holidays and festivals in Spain
Many foreigners regard Spain as a country of eternal holiday, and it's hard to disagree. The Spaniards, being very cheerful, sociable and creative people came up with many unusual holidays…

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10 weird festivals, the sequel


In honor of the official animal of Alaska in a small town there is a strange festival. In the framework of a large number of moose dung runs on a balloon in the air, and then is discharged downward. I’m not sure I understand the rules of this competition, but in case of contact with droppings in a sign on earth the winner receives a prize of $ 1,000. In addition, during unusual events, live music, sport contests and works fair where you can buy jewelry made from natural, environmentally friendly moose droppings. Just romance!

Boring – mud festival (South Korea)

Every summer in the South Korean city of Boring (Boryeong) is an unusual festival. Its history is very young, first time this event happened in 1998, and in 2006 to participate and look at mud fights has arrived one and a half million people. Specially near the town dug the dirt, brought in specially prepared place, the so-called “Mud Experience Land” where any participant of the festival can heartily to stick dirt on your neighbor

The Moors against the Christians (Spain)

In the mountain town Alcoy in Spain for three days – 22, 23 and 24 April festival occurs continuously-reconstruction of the famous battle between the Moors, who are attacking the city, and Christians protecting it from invasion. All the participants use age appropriate equipment, and quite naturally fight using melee weapons, especially blunt, so as not to injure someone. In the event participated the entire population of the city and surrounding area, all the streets are transformed into an arena of combat and the views, and in the last day, April 24, there was the reconstruction of the famous battle in which the Christians knocked the moor from almost captured the city.

Argungu – real fishermen (Nigeria)

The city of Argungu in the Northwest Nigerian province of Kebbi – ordinary fishing village, not particularly eye-catching. But once a year is an unusual contest – Argungu International Fishing Festival where these fishermen compete to see who will catch the biggest fish with his bare hands. All this is watched by the local beauties, who thus choose the most skillful of the groom.

The festival lasts four days, beginning Wednesday in February or March, ends with the finals on Saturday. The event is so responsible and colorful that spectators begin to gather once a month to him to feel all the charm of the event. The winner receives unheard by local standards prizes including a car and trips abroad. Because of this, some participants try to win, including not allowed by the rules. For example, the winner of 2008 he was stripped of all titles and put in prison after his rivals have proved that the fish he had caught, was previously caught in another river, and also at the time of “catching” was already dead.

Chung Chao Ban tower with pies (Hong Kong)

The festival with the unpronounceable name – one of the most unusual and famous in Hong Kong. He is on the small island of Cheung Chau, which annually attracts thousands of tourists to watch and cheer for one of the hundreds of men involved in the competition. The gist of it is that you need to climb a 20-metre tower, hung with plastic “bread” and score as more of them in special pouches behind. Who will score more until the buns will end – and he won. Old timers say that this festival has been held for a long time, and is intended to scare away evil spirits and so on and so forth, but now he has most likely aesthetic and tourist value.