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Fashion festival – autumn Finland


Every year in the fall of the year in most of the cities of Finland organised by local authorities thematic events that are associated with the fashion industry. At such events, you see the following:

– fashion brands provide an opportunity for ordinary people to see their new collections;

– model Agency engaged in organizing demonstrations product leading brands;

stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists ready to show everyone their skills;

– in stores and shopping centers pass sales last year things are exhibited in the halls of the fashion trends of the season.

20 September – festival “Night of fashion”

This event is held twice a year in the town of Kouvola in the autumn and spring periods. In 2013 this event was the 10-th under the account. During this period of time “Night of fashion” is one of the most revered festivals of the city, for locals and visiting tourists. Most often visited by the tourists from the Russian Federation.

The name of the holiday (“Night of fashion”) is due to the fact that the peak of the event comes late in the evening. In honor of this event boutiques, clothing stores and footwear extend their work up to 23 hours. Besides good shopping, in this day you can enjoy the rest, which is secured by a performance of art music and dance performances, fitness shows, fashion shows and other entertainment events. The continuation of this wonderful evening often ends with a trip into cozy restaurants Kouvola.

September 27 – feast “Fashion by night”

A week after celebrating this event in Kouvola, a similar event takes place in the border town called Lappeenranta. Therefore, shoppers who for some reason are unable to get in Kouvola, will be able to come to Lappeenranta. Even the names of these events are similar, the only difference is in Lappeenranta it is in English, and in Kouvola in Finnish. Do holiday “Fashion by night” attracts more attention from people who love to relax, doing some shopping in the boutiques and stores. A large part of Russian girls come here just for the sake of these emotions.

On this day, the shops and boutiques of trendy clothes extend its work until 23 hours. Thus all representations of the collection is accompanied by performances of famous artists and fashion shows.

11 – 13 October – exhibition “I love me”

The exhibition “I love me” – one of the largest fashion events in Finland. It passes every year in the capital city Helsinki. This is a celebration of a major exhibition of companies that succeed in the fashion industry, health and beauty; have good achievements in these fields. Is “I love me” from the 11th to 13th of October in a large exhibition center, which is called “Messukeskus”. However, the exhibition is divided into 4 zones on various subjects:

“Beauty” – his art demonstrate make-up artists, stylists, beauticians and hairdressers.

“Fashion” – exposition of brand collections will be the leading model Agency.

“Health” – in this “” section you can find all the funds intended to improve health.

“Watches and jewelry” – in this area the dominant role from the best jewelers and craftsmen of jewelry. Participate in the masters event in these fields from all over the world. Leading watch brands will present their novelties and the most popular and best products.

Middle city neighbor Finland – St. Petersburg often conducts such activities with the participation of Finnish artists. Going to St Petersburg to the list of the best places and attractions. you can see all the places that may be of interest to travelers – bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and events of the week. Spend time interesting and exciting.