the Original Festivals of the Slavs
Nature is everything that is in God Kind. One of the Laws of Nature is cyclical. Everything is going in the world according to cycles: day and night, autumn -…

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Holidays and festivals in Thailand
  In Thailand is the huge number of holidays is a tradition that everything here carefully observe and honor. Also festivals: some very fun and colorful, other – formal and…

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Music festivals in the world

The weekend will long reverberate in the memory of the people echoes of summer music festivals, because these days have pleased fans of music events such as the annual festival “Lollapalooza” in Grant Park, Chicago, Grand musical festival in Beijing, outdoor rock festivals in Germany and South Korea.

In this issue, selected photos of the most interesting moments with the various music festivals.

1. Close to the Beijing music festival. The Grand event took place on the outskirts of the capital near the great wall of China.

2. 3rd day of the Korean festival of rock music “Pentaport”, Incheon.

3. Day 2 Korean rock festival, on stage Jonathan Davis – vocalist of the American band “Korn”.

4. Festival in Chicago, Cynthia Flows in anticipation of the performances of reggae singer Damian Marley and American rapper Nas.

5. Music lovers before the show Damian Marley and legends of the hip-hop rapper Nas.

6. Music festival in Chicago, on stage, the rapper Thomas Callaway known as Cee Lo Green.

7. 17th festival “Woodstock”, Poland, rock fans at the main stage.

8. Open festival “Wacken Open Air 2011”, Germany, Ozzy Osbourne gets the audience an unusual scenic effect by pouring water on them.

9. Grant Park in Chicago, the fans dancing along with the performers collective “Happiness Club”.

10. Festival in Chicago, fans of music on speech Perry Etty vs Chris.

11. Music festival in Poland. Rocker on the background of sunset.

12. The annual festival of techno, house and trance music Kazantip in Popovka, Crimea.

13. Music festival “Lollapalooza”, Chicago, on the stage of American singer Skylar grey.

14. Festival “Woodstock”, Kostrzyn, Poland, cheering the girl on the dancing crowd of young people.

15. Music festival in Chicago, on stage, the lead singer of the band “Muse” Matt Bellamy.

16. 17th festival in Kostrzyn, girl in flight on a bungee.

17. Music festival “Lollapalooza”, on stage, playing a musician Greg Gillis, also known as Girl Talk.

18. Polish music festival “Woodstock”, Kostrzyn, the crowd on hand sends a guy to the main stage.

19. Day 3 of the music festival “Pentaport”, South Korea, on stage, the vocalist of the Duo “The Ting Tings” Katie white.

20. Passionate fans of rock music at the festival in Incheon.

21. 3-day jazz festival in Newport, Rhode island. It was discovered by American trumpeter Wynton Marsalis.

22. The Woodstock festival in Kostrzyn, the participants of the festival dabble in the mud.

23. Music festival in Chicago, the crowd throws the guy during the band “Foster the People”.

24. Performers of the group “the Cars” Elliot Easton (left) and RIC Ocasek at a music festival in Chicago.

25. Heavy metal festival in Wacken, near Hamburg. Since 1990, this music festival annually attracts more than 75 thousand participants.

26. 41st Vnutricletocny festival of Lorient, France, a folk group «Bagad de Lann Bihoue» is the Celtic culture.

27. 17th festival “Woodstock”, a tent city participants, top view.

28. Music festival “Lollapalooza” in Chicago, on stage, the Creator of the festival, Perry Farrell, lead singer of “PerryEtty vs Chris Cox”.

29. The crowd cheers under the band’s songs rock band “Muse”, a festival in Chicago.

30. 17th Polish festival “Woodstock”, the participants of the action in dirty water.

31. Europe’s largest outdoor electronic music festival “Nature One”. This year the event was held near Castellana on a former missile base “Pydna”. The festival brought together about 55 thousand participants.

32. On stage, the leader of the American band “My Morning Jacket” Jim James, the festival in Chicago.

33. Music heavy metal festival in Wacken, participants dance to rock music.

34. Festival in Chicago, on stage, Maynard Keenan – lead singer of the American band “A Perfect Circle”.

35. Dancing crowd on the 17th Polish festival “Woodstock”.