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Food festivals of Italy. Puglia: a festival Tipica

Try to come to dinner to a local family will feed you so that you will not be able to get up from the table, and the owners are lamenting that guests never went hungry.

Of course, in Puglia has something to do in between meals: will not leave anyone indifferent walk through the unique Trulli of Alberobello (this old white houses with conical roofs, the UNESCO heritage sites) or excursions to the national parks of the Gargano and the Murgia. Still, the countryside – is an incredible variety of vegetables, fresh and preserved, it is many, many homemade pastas with rich sauces, it’s ruddy awesome selection of breads and crackers, it is surprisingly tasty fish, spicy dried sausages and more.

It is possible to see, to smell, to taste and buy on the gastronomic fair Tipica in Castellana Grotte (Bari area). Here are represented all the traditional products of the region, and among the visitors are many Italian food lovers and foreign tourists, who come from as far as China.

The festival Tipica rather unusual: if such fairs are open from morning until early evening, everything only starts at 17: 00 – open the gastronomic stands and offers tastings of all kinds of products. At 21.00, start cooking show and dinner. Every evening the famous Apulian chef in the company of comedians is their menu, which you can enjoy in the huge open-air restaurant ’s Dinner in Puglia” . While spectators watch the cooking, the comedian playing the fool, “interfere” the boss and tries to involve the audience.

After dinner you can move to Piazzetta where now continues tasting sweets, wines and liqueurs, or walk one more time around the gastronomic stands, open until 23.30.

The nearest festival Tipica will be held from 17 to 25 July .

What to try

The most famous Apulian pasta – orecchiette . that is the lugs . A paste every self-respecting hostess does. Orecchiette is usually prepared from the young shoots of broccoletti (or turnip ) and with tomato or meat sauce. Other popular types of homemade pasta – Lagan . troccoli . cavatelli .

Be sure to try the famous bread of Altamura . Golden loaf with a thick flavorful crust usually weigh at least 2 kg, but because in Puglia is very developed home baking, the loaves are changed depending on the tastes of a Baker and his oven. Sometimes they reach 10, 12 and even 20 pounds!

Among the famous bakery products of Puglia also includes potato bread . taralli (unsweetened drying of seeds of fennel or peperoncino) and friselle . large round crackers that are soaked in water and seasoned chopped tomatoes.

Burrata . the caciocavallo . stracciatella . Pecorino – this is not a complete list of delicious cheeses produced in the region. One of the most unusual – burrata . what a bag of mozzarella . filled with rich mi cream and tied with leaves of sedges. Stracciatella here – not ice cream, and cheese in the form of small fibers soft mozzarella mixed with cream.

Puglia – a region where it consumes almost the largest amount of vegetables in Italy . And vegetables are the most incredible. Lampascioni . for example, – wild bitter flower bulbs. Or cucumbers . more like short thick zucchini that need to be cleaned from the skin.

Sun-dried tomatoes . in its natural form or in oil with aromatic herbs, already familiar to everyone, but in Puglia in addition to tomatoes exactly are sun dried eggplant . zucchini . mushrooms and peppers . pre-cut into thick slices.

Needless to say, grapes . warmed by the southern sun, a particularly sweet and fragrant? In Puglia grown a lot of table varieties, the most popular – Black Magic . Italia . Vittoria . Regina and Red Globe .