Multicultural youth festivals of Russia.
  Thematic youth conventions . or, as they are called in Russia, festivals . brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy, movies and animated films, as well as other Hobbies…

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Fashion festival – autumn Finland
  Every year in the fall of the year in most of the cities of Finland organised by local authorities thematic events that are associated with the fashion industry. At…

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Unusual holidays around the world

In a beautiful small town, located near Gloucester, on the last Monday of may races are held with a rolling cheese. According to the rules of the competition round head cheese starts down the slope, after which the participants begin his persecution. The winner is the first to catch up and grab “runaway” cheese. Wounds and injuries, sometimes very serious, in cheese the run are common, so at the foot of the hill definitely on duty doctors.

4. Summer solstice (Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK)

The solstice is not rare and is celebrated in the cultures of many peoples of the world, but in the UK it was special since 2000, when the authorities allowed everyone to spend the night on 21 June among a huge mythical relic of the stones and even touch them (in the rest of the year it is forbidden). The action is complemented by a rumble of drums that fades with the coming of dawn.

5. A celebration of people-birds (the city of Bognor, UK)

An unusual event takes place in July, is celebrated for a long time and is the ancestor of many similar competitions around the world. Contestants run on a wide platform built above the sea surface, and jump. Task “of a bird-man” is to fly as far as possible, using self-made wings.

6. Amtrak Mooning or Demonstration of bare buttocks (Laguna Niguel, USA)

Every second Saturday of July, hundreds of people gather in Laguna Niguel, California, near the train tracks with the sole purpose – to show mooning the passengers of passing trains. To avoid the riots that took place in previous years, the authorities banned the participants to publicly urinate and drink alcohol throughout the day.

7. The world championship drag sweethearts (city of Sonkajarvi, Finland)

July 4, 2009 in a small Finnish town will be the 14th championship of the world on transfer sweethearts and wives. According to the rules, any man paired with a woman over the age of 17 years can participate in this competition.

This competition comes from the ancient tradition of the Vikings, when bringing their wives to the ships, for convenience, they loaded them onto their backs. If during the event a woman will come by foot on land, the couple receives a penalty and the result is not counted.

8. Holiday “cartoon” (city of buñol, Spain)

Among the Spaniards, this holiday is not as popular with foreign tourists who seek to participate in the “tomato battle”. This celebration is held on the last Wednesday of August in a small town near Valencia. More than 100 tons of tomatoes are used as “weapons”. The Council – do not wear expensive clothes you, if you want to participate in this celebration.

9. The world Cup of diving in the swamp (Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, UK)

The English are by nature more insane than most people think, especially when it comes to holidays. Their Welsh neighbours in anything they are not inferior. Every last Monday of August, dozens of brave Welsh jump into the swamp, to cover the distance of 55 meters. From the equipment you may use only the fins and masks for snorkeling. Surprisingly, and last sailed also receives a prize.

10. “Burning man” (Desert of black Rock, USA)

In the week leading up to labor Day in the US (the first Monday in September), thousands of people gather in a remote Nevada desert to create sand your own city, in which everyone can freely Express your creativity. At the end of the week, when properly removed, and all the work of art is eliminated, is burned in effigy. So the event is called the Festival of Burning man.

11. International pirate Day

September 19 must wear a bandana and a bandage across one eye, to speak in a special “pirate” tongue, not forgetting to remember the piastres and “thousands of devils”. The feast originated in the U.S., but became popular worldwide thanks to our global network.