Religious festivals and ceremonies of the peoples of the world
    An ancient legend says: "the events of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary occurred in the small town of Nazareth, where Her elderly parents. Joachim and Anna…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world
  1. The festival ’s Las Payas" (Valencia, Spain ) Fire festival is held from 14 to 19 March and attracts thousands of tourists. Every day, at exactly 14 hours…

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Where to go in September: 6 main festivals of the month


September many call the best month for travel. At this time the weather is pleasant, but yesterday crowded areas are not so crowded. As an added bonus – low prices and lots of seasonal holidays. What events are worth seeing in September?

Santa Tecla (Spain)


The feast of Santa Tecla – noisy and fun event in Tarragona. It is devoted to the patroness of the city and each time transforms Tarragona, filling its streets with life. Santa Tecla is considered intangible property of the whole of Spain. The roots of these celebrations go in the XIV century, when originated all major festive rituals. In the processions through the streets of Tarragona bring together musicians, dressed in the costumes the actors, dancers.

whatelse77 / Foter / CC BY

The most famous element of Santa Tecla – construction of a living tower. Participants stand to each other on the shoulders, trying to break last year’s records. There will be a lot of shows, performances and competitions, which are guaranteed to appeal to tourists.


The historical regatta (Italy)

In the beginning of the month Venice traditionally becomes the venue of the regatta. The canals of the city like back in the XV century, and the crews dressed in period costumes, are trying not just to win – at least to create a spectacular sight. Regatta bright starts parade, which often involved actors dressed as famous historical figures.

The historical regatta in Venice. Roberto Trm / Foter / CC BY

And the sport part involves different categories of rowers: they are divided by age, the complexity of managing the boat and the floor. Each year the Historical regatta attracts thousands of admiring spectators.

The autumn festival (France)

In Paris the whole of autumn is marked by the Autumn festival, which begins in September. He combines different art forms – theatre, painting, music, cinema. In the international programme you can meet artists from Japan and Africa, and drama often be a joint work of filmmakers from different continents. Along with new and unknown names in the list of participants there are such groups as the London Sinfonietta and other acknowledged masters of their craft.

Moon Festival (China)

alcuin lai / Foter / CC BY-SA

The moon festival is celebrated throughout Asia, but particularly in China, is also called the harvest Festival or mid-autumn Festival. It becomes an occasion to cook sweet treats – moon cakes with nuts, jellies and other incredible toppings. During the celebration of the Chinese admire the night sky and even try to climb on the roof to get closer to the full moon. And yet it is customary to eat pomelo, arrange dances in the garb of a dragon, and light the lanterns.

Harvest festival (Portugal)

In early September, the traditional harvest festivals are held in Portuguese Palmela, 40 km from Lisbon. It’s worth visiting to taste the young wine from this region. Not the last king of the table in Palmela is considered Azeitao cheese with a delicate and pleasant taste. The same recipe it is produced from 1830 and used as a starter for Portuguese wine. The harvest festival is a family event, which in addition to tasting includes sports competitions, exhibitions, fairs and music shows.

The folk festival (Malta)

Besides, who in September will be on the Maltese island of Gozo, worth a look in the village of Qala. In September there is a festival that showcases the lives of the ancestors of the Maltese and other Nations. Familiarity with the traditions takes place in a unique atmosphere with bright staging, costumes and performances of collectives. In past years, the festival brought musicians from Estonia, Sicily, Slovakia. The key point of the holiday – Malta wedding and food tastings. All this attracts tourists to the small but picturesque village of Qala.