8 the most fun festivals in the world
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Meet autumn nature – festivals and master classes in the Metropolitan parks weekend 21st and 22nd of September
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Limassol carnival

The city of Limassol is known not only as the largest port in Cyprus, but is considered a top place for entertainment on the island. And it is so. The locals have fun and have fun all year round. Here discotheques and clubs, restaurants and cafes, shops and beaches are always full of people.

The most interesting time of year in Limassol is considered the end of winter. At this time there always is a favorite of local people the carnival.

The festivities begin two months before Easter, as a consequence, the start date changes. In 2010, the carnival will start on 4 February and ends on 14th February.

The festive atmosphere of the city is difficult to describe because such events are not held. Carnival in Limassol is different from other passing in the world. Everything seems to be similar: a procession through the city streets, a huge number of multi-colored confetti, dancing. But still the feeling that carnival is held strictly all the rules and customs.

The famous carnivals of the world more extravagant and Limassol is more like a children’s party. In Cyprus the family tradition are venerated as the Constitution of the state. Consequently, in colon walking on the street, you will not see naked women in feathers, dancing dancing, as well as gay, stood up for their rights. This carnival people dressed in costumes of vampires, angels, colorful butterflies, colorful roosters, and painted as clowns with big smiles on their faces. All the characters of the carnival trying to amuse adults and children. They are very reminiscent of our actors during the Christmas holidays.

Of course, there are women in scarlet leather short skirts and rouged men. But they behave not very relaxed, and most importantly tactfully.

All these differences are explained by the fact that the carnival in Limassol and other famous carnivals in the world – quite different things. Carnival in Latin means “farewell to meat”. Cypriot festival can be compared to our carnival. These holidays people try to taste it before the beginning of lent. Masks, dressed on the face, hiding those who want plenty to eat and drink. Your carnival locals call “Aporia”. In their opinion, it is celebrated for more than one Millennium. In Ancient Greece were held celebrations in honor of the God Dionysus. Hence, according to the Cypriots, and there was a “Aporia”, with all their customs. Cypriot carnival is a Comedy show, which is carried out in order to amuse people, not to hide under the mask of a person doing bad deeds.

The name itself – the carnival, as if to justify himself here. Local residents organize a “farewell to meat”, which is enough only for the first four days of the festival. Then the meat substitute dishes from cheese and dairy products.

The carnival is divided into three marches. The first opening. During this procession comes the king of carnival. However, the character is different every year. Not only is changing his entourage – beautiful girls. The festival lasts all day and ends with a gorgeous fireworks over the sea.

The second baby. It is held on the first Sunday of the festival. The protagonists of this procession are children, walking on the streets with their parents. Children wearing a variety of Halloween costumes: princesses, pirates, rabbits, tigers and dogs.

The main procession is considered to be the third. It is held on the closing day of the carnival. This arrange the procession on the last Sunday of the feast, before the beginning of lent. In to 14 February.