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Holidays for Children in kindergarten (scripts)


The content of the article:

Scripts of holidays in kindergartens will help educators and teachers to make the kids a memorable holiday. The choice of scenario depends on the nature of the event and differs for holidays, theme parties and fun entertaining contests. The holiday script in kindergarten may be:

– in a musical format;

sports orientation ;

– thematic;

– for the public holiday;

– season (or the season). For example, a summer holiday in kindergarten, the autumn holiday in kindergarten, autumn fair, winter, etc.

Winter holidays in kindergarten

Winter party for kids in kindergarten do not necessarily have to be devoted to the New year or February 23. The theme of the holidays in the winter time can be very different (e.g., winter, «winter sports», «winter adventure», «winter Olympic games» or «Yuletide carols»).

Below are some scenarios of holidays in kindergartens «winter» subjects:

– New year». The script for everyone’s favorite holiday need to make well before the event. The new year should be associated with something fabulous, magical and wonderful. On this basis, it is necessary to consider the scenario of a children’s holiday in kindergarten. On the Christmas party for the kids after greeting the facilitator can ask the children some questions (e.g. «what time of the year» or ask, did the kids some songs about winter, Christmas tree, etc.). For starters, you can sing along with the children a song. then it would be appropriate to ask the children if they know of any «winter» poems. After the poems and songs about winter, switch to the topic of the New year. Here again, the lead sings along with children’s songs, reading poetry and holds fun contests. The script of the new year holiday for the older group can be arranged in the form of fairy tales with different characters (birds, beasts, Baba Yaga and, of course, Santa Claus);

– February 23. The feast starts with a few introductory words about the Day of defender of the Fatherland and greetings, followed by thematic poems and songs. After the song is appropriate to hold a competition for boys on agility, strength and speed (for example, «who quickly get dressed or «tug of war»). Competition in drill can move smoothly into a song about soldiers. After the song the host thinks children themed puzzles. Then you can spend a few sports relay races, split into teams (relay on running, on the balls, etc.). Completes the event ditties, songs and poems. At the end of a celebration for children in kindergarten presenter gives gifts to children;

– The holiday «Yuletide carols» for the older group. The purpose of the event — to develop children spiritually-moral qualities and to instill interest in Russian traditions and customs. The event begins with discussions on the theme of Christmas, Yuletide, etc. Children are introduced to the concept of «Eve». After the introductory part, you can include Tchaikovsky’s music from the series «seasons» (e.g., «December. Yuletide»). The facilitator working with children Christmas carols and poems. You can think of a dramatization of the process of caroling: leading and several people dressed in Russian costumes, go caroling. Required attribute — a symbol of Christmas carols (the solar disk, attached to a stick and decorated with ribbons). Dialogue with the owner «house», the song «Kolyada, Kolyada» etc. Followed by children’s games («trickle», «true love is a fake», «Golden gate») and funny limericks.