Music festivals in Europe in summer
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Summer festivals is an important event in the cultural life of France


Theatre, dance, music. Summer is the perfect time to participate in cultural events and numerous festivals taking place throughout France.

After “Cherbourg spring” and the festival “Night of Fourviere”, which was organized in Lyon in June, “Solidays” opened in late June, the season of summer festivals that take place throughout France under the sign of the sun and relaxing.

According to the 2012 French society of authors, composers and publishers of musical works (Sacem), 33% music festivals — 274 and this event is held in July, against 125 in August and 138 in the fall.


France festivals appeared after the Second world war, but popularity they have gained in the 80-ies in connection with the active conduct of a decentralization policy. “Today, France is one of the leaders by the number of festivals. This is because the state policy is aimed at supporting culture,” explains the head of the Federation “France Festival” Benedict Domes. In music a study in 2012 Sacem, touched 841 festival. Received their copyrights amounted to 12 million euros.

However, the exact number of festivals in France it is difficult to call due to the lack of a clear global definition. Organized annually by about 2,200 festivals, about 300 of them receive support from the Ministry of culture. The exact list is difficult to compile and due to the large scatter among the proposed activities.

Along with such reputable music festivals, like “Vieille of Cherry” in Kare (Brittany) in July and “Rock-EN-Seine” in Saint-cloud, France (suburb of Paris) at the end of August, are held and themed festivals with more modest budgets. They also enjoyed great success, and some of them are famous around the world. Among them — the festival of street theaters Aryaka, taking place from 21 to 24 August, and the international festival of puppets Charleville-Mezieres, scheduled for September. Festivals with a large budget attract a wide audience, inviting musicians of international level. So, in July, at the festival “Main square” in Arras will be the singer sting.

According to the President of the festival in Ramatuelle (Cote d’azur) Jackline Franju, landscapes of France are a special attraction: “participating in the festival is very different from tour concerts. First, both the artist and the audience fall under the charm of the place. In addition, at festivals, has a warm atmosphere, a sense of unity, the desire to share my attitude”. In Ramatuelle actors, musicians and singers perform on a stage located near the sea. And the “chorégies d’orange”, a famous Opera festival, held in the ancient theater of the city.

For lovers of modern theatrical art event of the summer remains the July festival in Avignon. According to its organizers, the festival d’avignon is “more than a theatre festival, as the entire city becomes a place of meetings and exchanges of views; in parallel with the main program, with exhibitions and debates”.

High-quality and varied programme of summer festivals is celebrated and abroad, where they have appeared analogues. So, the festival “Francophone” in La Rochelle, which within 5 days gathers approximately 100 thousand people, 25 years ago served as a model for the creation of the festival in Montreal, as well as festivals in Argentina and Switzerland. Its success to “Francophone” obliged varied program, which includes several styles and eras. The event is traditionally attended by young talents and well-known musicians.