Music festivals in the world
The weekend will long reverberate in the memory of the people echoes of summer music festivals, because these days have pleased fans of music events such as the annual festival…

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Rio de Janeiro - the City of carnivals.
  Rio de Janeiro will always remain for all the city of Samba. And every Friday evening in one of the neighborhoods you can watch the guitarist and the dancer.…

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5 of the most famous carnivals in the world


Carnival culture – a mixture of dance, song and costume ideas, which have their roots in Medieval times. People always wanted to feel freedom and independence from their jobs, family, politics or religion. This freedom gave them the carnival.

Carnivals: the most famous Brazilian extravaganza

Brazilian carnival is probably the most colourful among all mass extravaganzas in the world. This benchmark, which are equal to other carnivals. Brazil in February goes crazy with incendiary Samba, drum beats and hot dance till the morning. The carnival in Rio gathers millions of viewers from different parts of the world.

After the official opening of the carnival, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro competition begins dance schools for the title of best. Look at their colorful procession with a huge moving figures and beautiful brasiliani in costumes made of flowers and feathers attracts a lot of tourists. Not only in the sambódromo, but in every bar, cafe or beach Rio de Janeiro continues dance and musical fun that lasts 4 days and 4 nights.

Known carnivals of the world: Italian extravaganza masks

On the second place among the most popular carnivals of the world – unusual carnival in Venice, which is traditionally carried out in February. This Italian carnival for almost 1000 years! But the “old” does not mean “boring”. All participants wear colorful and richly decorated masks. Previously, it was possible to equalize all participants of the festival, and is now a fascinating attraction for the guests of the festival.

Fancy regatta local gondoliers attracts thousands of spectators. The bright fireworks, concerts in different parts of Venice will open for you new Italy – musical, mysterious and incredibly talented.

The most famous carnivals in the world: German cultural and gastronomic mix

Not to mention one bright carnival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. 11.11 at 11:11. It’s not just a coincidence of numbers, it ’ s start date and time of the carnival. To make sure that the Germans know how to celebrate and entertain, is coming to Cologne after the New year and along with the throngs of revelers a taste of real life.

During the festival in Cologne you will see hundreds of dance shows, can drink liters of delicious German beer and to try dozens of tasty Bavarian snacks. The capture of the city hall women hunting for men and cutting off of ties, the election of princes and princesses, the burning of effigies of politicians – it’s not crazy, and lively entertainment. The Cologne festival will give you a lot of pleasant memories and gastronomic discoveries.

Unique carnivals: Colombian folklore festival

Barranquilla carnival in Colombia – the action is unique and exciting. No need to read the guides, learn the history of this country to understand it. Feel Colombia in dance, music, plays and poetry. All of this can be seen and heard at the traditional carnival.

Sexy dancing, merriment and ancient rites will help you feel the spirit of this Latin American country and forget about all worries. All carnival traditions are rooted in the deep past of Colombia: the times of the Gentiles and living in tribes. But the Union of the primordial culture with talented musical and dance productions creates unique and incredible feeling.

Vintage carnivals: French fire action

Nice was the birthplace not only of famous film festival, but the February carnival. He is over 800 years old. During this time, little has changed. Lasts carnival for more than two weeks, during which the participants have time to burn the effigy of the King holiday, hold parades in masks, dancing in the main square of the city and run hundreds of fireworks. Fire show and frequent rituals of the burning of paper stuffed – business card carnival. Want to see the Cote d’azur in a new light, come to nice in February and enjoy the fun with a fiery taste.