Holidays in October
  In October holidays quite a lot - more than three dozen. Among them are purely professional. For example, teachers Day, celebrated on 5 October. It is a celebration of…

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Food festivals of Italy. Puglia: a festival Tipica
Try to come to dinner to a local family will feed you so that you will not be able to get up from the table, and the owners are lamenting…

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8 the most fun festivals in the world


1.La Tomatina

What: Now no longer just can not answer, how it all began: with the hassle between merchants, with jokes, with the brawl… But, nevertheless, since 1945, when the Spaniards in the town of Buñol began to pelt each other with tomatoes, tomato battle has turned into a tradition. Now, every August, the small town is undergoing an invasion by about 30 thousand people willing to postaratsa food. All the walls around it is painted red, and tomato pulp on the ground reaches up to the ankles.

Where: Spain, Valencia County, city of buñol

When: last Wednesday In August

What to bring: Minimum of clothing and protection on the eye: tomato juice is plucked!

2. Full Moon Party

What: According to one legend, the Full moon Party started with a birthday party in the 80s. Travelers who like to have fun on the beautiful beach under the light of the full moon, decided to come back here again and again.

Years later hippie party grew into a monthly festival on 20 thousand people. Every full moon beach, Haad Rin beach on the Thai island Phangan becomes a platform for multiple dance floors and bars for enjoying life youth from around the world. Veterans say that with the growing popularity of Full moon Party has lost its charm, but if you are in Thailand and want heartily to hang out, then you need to visit it.

Where: Thailand, Koh Phangan

When: every month on the full moon

What to bring: Energy, face paint and clothing, the fate of which you are a little worried

3. Glastonbury music festival

What: three-day festival, one of the largest in the world. Here, under the open sky to the fullest glorify nature, music, art. But the main thing at the festival is, of course, the concerts of the most popular rock stars in the world. 177,000 visitors and 700 performances in three days – impressive figures, isn’t it?

Where: England, Somerset, Pilton

When: last weekend In June

What to bring: Ticket, tent, sleeping bag, food…

4. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

What: a Brazilian extravaganza of colors and sparkles annually attracts about half a million tourists.

Five days before the beginning of Lent, the streets of Rio are filled with festive processions, parades, masquerades and dancing girls in very revealing costumes.

As the carnival begins with the coronation, during which the mayor passes the reins to the King Momo, selected from all residents of Rio for weight (in any case not less than one hundred pounds) and the ability to dance the Samba, the main dance of the carnival. On all five days of the carnival the city really is subjected to the control of the new king — except for the police.

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: In late winter, before the beginning of lent

What to bring: Sequins, feathers and more money: celebrations in Rio hit on the wallet!

5. Celebrate Holi

What: two-day Hindu celebration of spring, which is held in Northern India. The first day is marked by the ignition of multiple fires, and the second friendly pouring paint all colors of the rainbow!

Where: India

When: In March, during a full moon

What to bring: Red, orange and green paint, lots of water and unwanted clothes.

6. Songkran

Thai New year is celebrated on the winter and the hottest in Thailand time: in April. On that day, all the streets of the country unfolding large-scale water battle to get out of the house and be doused with water during Songkran is simply impossible! The idea is to wash away the hardships of the past year and, of course, as should be cool.

Where: Thailand

When: April 13

What to bring: Water gun, water supplies and rubber Slippers.

7. The Burning Man Festival

What: meniny festival, which culminates in the burning of otroliga stuffed. At the time of the festival in the desert of Nevada, in harsh conditions, grows huge tent city whose residents enjoy concerts, performances and colourful installations. This action attracts creative people from all over the world – in total at the festival you can meet about 50 thousand people!

Where: USA, Nevada, desert black rock

When: the festival falls on the last Monday of August.

What to bring: Everything except money! The festival does not have any financial relationship; the only thing they need to pay is water and ice. Also bring camping accessories and sunglasses.

8. Summerfest

What: Under a simple name (“Summer festival”) hides a wide sweep. This festival has existed since the late sixties and entered to the Guinness Book of records as the largest music festival in the world! 11 days, 11 stages and over 700 music bands! Every year the festival attracts up to a million participants. Among the headliners had to be noted giants such as The Doors, Beach boys, Eric Clapton, Metallica and other stars of the world rock scene.