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Carnival in Rio or carnival naked and sexy!

Brazil…. At the mention of the name in my head immediately draw pictures…football, capoeira, and…. Carnival! Carnival in the capital of Brazil — is the calling card of the country, it’s like the Eiffel tower in Paris, or the waterfall Salto angel in Venezuela, or the Red light district in Amsterdam.

Carnival is a festival of fun, which does not leave indifferent any resident of this country and tourists who came at this time to Brazil. Is the effect of these things every year, usually in February or early March. The date is chosen for 47 days before Easter, and the date always falls on a Tuesday. But the fact that the date of the carnival one day, doesn’t prevent to have fun and dance all week, starting from Friday need It you should consider going to this event, in this instance, is 2014, the carnival will begin on Friday 28 February.

For those who want to ever see or even take part in the procession, the date of the carnival in Brazil:

2014 – March 4

2015 February 17

2016 – February 9,

2017 – 28 February

2018 – February 13

I think everyone understands that if you are going to visit the country at this time, book accommodation (even just a bed in a hostel), tickets to the carnival, etc. need very much in advance!

The beginning of the show is the ceremony of handing over the key to the city from mayor to king Momo. The king is elected by the fattest man in town, weighing not less than 110 kg, which throughout the holiday should be dancing Sambo and have fun. Since then, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro is considered open.

Happens all the view in the sambódromo a length of 700 meters. Sectors of seats can accommodate 72 500 people. On the seats in the sectors: the jury is sitting in the 8th sector . this means that the best view will be from here, all speech will be transmitted by person to this sector. But, sector 9 – a tourist . he’s also the most expensive…. But it is clear that the performance will be rotated to another side of the coin. However, given that this is the Brazilian carnival . it is unknown what side of the coin more beautiful and attractive to tourists

Address the sambadrome: Av. Marquês de Sapucaí, Santo Cristo

The carnival is a competition between schools Sambo. Participants schools, Brazilian girls and boys, will be in incredible costumes, dancing with Samba, smiling and having fun.

Friday and Saturday is the parade of the schools of group A.

Parade of the best schools Sambo Grupo Especial ( Premier League ) always held on Sunday and Monday. These are two of the most important and enchanting day of the Carnival.

By the way, in these processions you can participate yourself. To do this in advance in one of the acting schools to buy a suit (via the Internet). In advance – this means for a few months, if later, to find what remained. Buying a suit a certain school, you will walk through the sambadrome in that day and time appointed for her performance. This will be your ticket to the carnival in Rio .

The final part of the carnival, the parade of the schools-winners of the Champions’ Parade (2014 – March 8, Saturday). This is a very beautiful show, fireworks and Sambo. Tickets for the parade are usually cheaper than on parade competition at the beginning of the carnival week.

All schools start their preparation well before the carnival. Each of them chooses a theme, and under it all thought out: costumes, makeup, singing, dancing, making platforms.

Actually the event is very bright. Impressions are received 100%. And it doesn’t matter which of the options to visit the Brazilian Carnival :

As a spectator – it’s all very spectacular . this is an amazing photo and a fantastic show.

As a member – it’s very emotional . everything inside is loaded with energy. And just get an incredible boost from passing by the sambodrome to the applause and admiring glances.

It’s two different kinds of delight, but any of them memorable.

A few practical tips:

Not worth it to get to the sambadrome on the car myself (rented or her) – the Parking spot will not find. Only by taxi or special transfers.

Do not take a large sum of money, as where the crowd is, there is prosperity of thefts. Especially in Latin America.

Until you have sat in his place, not to Shine expensive equipment and jewelry (and they are better in principle not to take).

Gathered to participate in the procession, it is not necessary to pay great attention to your costume – they are terribly low quality and may not always be convenient. Buy the cheapest, and do not worry. The goal is not to suit that purpose – it is the participation in the carnival.

P. S. have you been to the Brazilian carnival? Share your feedback on trip to Brazil!