Carnival in Rio or carnival naked and sexy!
Brazil.... At the mention of the name in my head immediately draw, capoeira, and.... Carnival! Carnival in the capital of Brazil — is the calling card of the country,…

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Summer festivals is an important event in the cultural life of France
  Theatre, dance, music. Summer is the perfect time to participate in cultural events and numerous festivals taking place throughout France. After "Cherbourg spring" and the festival "Night of Fourviere",…

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Winter festivals

Vzhe than 80 years Mikolaski Academy the Art of Russian dramatyczny theatre , bezpiecznik seredka visoko duhovno culture in our city. Our theatre, Velma knowledge not only in Budennogo the region, but in use our country that the-susah – one W najstarszych of creative Colectivo Region I. the first of statename city theatre. In Ostend rocky theatre dosehow znacznik mestecky first of virobnichih USPHS, nabob neubitogo susplugas authority. In repertoar – bilja of tridtsat Vista for torami klasicna that of modern autorv. DVC group theatre orremoval Oblast prize im. Arkas “LSBU song” Les Ukrainki the 2009 year for the “DN Taras” M. Kravchenko for T. Shevchenka the year 2015. In 2013 year the theatre was Nagoricane pocasni diploma participant presentatino – medievo programs “the Recognition of the year 2012″. Soroku group theatre Atria certificates ceremony Teatralny festivals scho prohodjat in Ukraine for ” benchmarks. W 2006 roku the theater to I their own konkursniy West – Railway festival Minarodnoi Chernomorskoe club ” Homo Ludens “, that zdorov the great popularnosti mid Teatralna splinty: up to the festival

for 9 years delocalise 12 countries, in Nashy deraw the company covers Bulo blissthe profesing Teatralny Colectivo.

Today on the staff of the theatre to be repaired tick W side Vlady in OOB intercessor of the head ODE Ancisco O. A. the chief of Department of culture, nationalities that rely ODE Dimitrova M. F. Rosman in Teatr kolektiva florman stench of damagewise destability robot oboh of creative Colectivo. The staff of the theatre Ubach in this sprobe the pid nacobta listening to the actuator of help florman porosity and Sodom and Prienai robot Mikolaski the execution of academic Hugoinlove Russian dramatic theatre.

Dear gitel Mikolaja Mikolasik area! Don’t be balduini! The staff of the theatre potrebu VASO of help, the Yak you can nagati, swarovskis piskova to the head Mikolasik ODE to deputati that the head Mikolasik of the regional Council, at CMI. Spades, that for VASO patrici us udatsya sbaragli Mikolaski Academy the Art of Russian dramatyczny theatre, and in him – znaczna a part of our spirituality splinty, and so th only for Ukrainian people. Not solicite us naudins W officials, that without ohledu on the history of our edge that his future chinati swavelle, ruinous those, choho stench not budowli – our culture.

The staff of the theatre

Leading master of the stage of the Nikolaev academic art Russian drama theatre, the public’s favorite Vasily Georgiyevich Ostafichuk awarded the honorary title “people’s artist of Ukraine”. Congratulations!

[2015-08-18] Performances in September. Dear friends! Before the start of the new theatre season is more than a month. But we will not let you get bored! We offer you to visit our theatre in September. Your attention will be presented a lyrical tragicomedy “the Savage” by A. Casona 19 September at 17:00. And at 11.00 for our young viewers, we show the fairy tale “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” L. Usenova, O. Tabakov. We will be happy to meet with you!

[2015-08-17] have Begun rehearsals for “Dragon”

[2015-06-24] our beloved audience! Closing the 81st theatre season will take place on 10 July at 18: 30 with a performance of “Mother” on the play by Czech playwright Karel Capek. Director – Vasyl Cymbals. Starring Lydia Gashinskaya, honored artist of Ukraine.

[2015-06-05] Premiere!

[2015-06-05] Charity event

[2015-05-27] Gifts for children’s Day

[2015-05-13] Premiere for children

[2015-05-12] Charity event

[2015-04-28] NGZ will help the theatre !

[2015-04-28] Shanon I spivachenko!

In God zbrojnych conflcts, that are conducted for Vlad and resources, Nile naraguta to namespace nasohist versti the peaceful population, especially – parastate generation. Children to Ginot from poranen, nedolast I chorob, pddata exploits that the violence, stout msiname to attack in children the garden to Ah, schools, training the mortgages. The stench posmalaysia beauty that opcon, in areas conflct not mayut the opportunities prodovzhuvaty learning, not mayut access to normal medical obslugovuvannya. Navit diti-bienz, vcasmo evakuirovan W EP Centro the city DJ, stradioti from deep emoting the stress, pirogennogo vdcmfy besnyo I bespredel. TSE travbane vinoy young generation is our future susprise. Jahi, that survived diti pid hour zbroynogo conflct, they sugomori can posati are for prodovzhennya conflcts ABO they re Vidrodzhennya.

70-o ronic Cause Peremogi Mikolaski Academy the Art of Russian dramatyczny theatre pagacova vistavu concert “Incompatible children and war!”, scho widely available I roscrea the problem of the young generation, the Yak Strada from zbrojnych conflcts.

8 Travnya 2015 year, in Day of memory at primirennya, about 18.00 team the theater to blagodiniy share: Groshi, triman from sale Kvitka on vistavu “Incompatible children and war!”, will broken Yam family W dtime, that boules smushed evacuates zi Descent of Ukraine.

We ask all Nabadwip take the fate of blagodiniy acts the way prebenda Kvitka on videocasino vistavu.

The staff of the theatre.

[2015-04-02] Week of theatre at the University of culture

[2015-01-28] Category on the history of theatre. This year our theatre celebrated its 80th anniversary. Especially to this date in the newspaper “Vestnik Pribuzhya” created category “History of the Art theatre Nikolaev”.