Best alcoholic festivals of the world
  Today, there are a number of festivals spirits, which are held around the world. Each festival has its own interesting and has a unique atmosphere that attracts many people…

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Best alcoholic festivals of the world
  Today, there are a number of festivals spirits, which are held around the world. Each festival has its own interesting and has a unique atmosphere that attracts many people…

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Top 10 unusual festivals in the world

Travel abroad — is not only a chance to relax, to see the local sights, but also a chance to get on a Grand, unusual and colorful festivals. Some of them are so unusual and unique that this show will not leave indifferent any single visitor such a wonderful event. Let us for a moment, immerse yourself in a little world of ugliness and fun.

1. Festival of crying children

Tight and huge Japanese men with loincloths always caused fear among ordinary citizens. Imagine what it’s like to have one-year-olds. not only see them, but are in their hands. It is a sad spectacle to see at the annual Japanese festival Konaki Sumo, whose main task — to make babies cry in the hands of a sumo wrestler. The baby who cries first, and will be the winner of the unusual competition. The slogan of the festival was an ancient Japanese wisdom that crying children grow faster.

2. Festival of drinking fish

Despite such a strange name, it should not be taken literally. The fact is that long ago, in Belgium, in the city of Geraardsbergen, celebrated the feast called Brakelines. It is dedicated to the siege of that city. In this day people give citizens the bread, and serving a small live fish, which by tradition to drink wine. The ritual be carried out in defiance of the animal rights activists that also offer to replace the live fish in marzipan.

3. The festival «Monkey Banquet»

This huge and unusual holiday dedicated to all the monkeys of Thailand. To place it in a small province called Lopburi. On this day traditionally put tons of fruits and vegetables, to glorify the monkey God Hanuman. Then going on a complete mess: hundreds of different monkeys just swing out numerous Goodies and destroy all the festive beauty. Despite this outrage, the glorification of the patron monkeys over the years to become even more generous.

4. The festival of colors

Perhaps this is the only festival in India, which does not need to dress up. Conversely, before you go on this holiday, find the oldest thing in your wardrobe. This festival is called Holi, held each year in the spring, thereby glorifying God Krishna. On this day people throw each other with colored powders «gulal», and eat and drink a variety of foods with the addition of marijuana.

5. The festival «nearly dead»

One of the most famous and unusual festivals in Spain is the festival of Santa Maria de Ribarteme — the patron risen from the dead. This day is celebrated all those who had to deal with death. The celebration takes place in front of thousands of people who annually gather in the small town of Las Neves to look at escaped death people carry the coffins to the Church, and then to the cemetery.

6. Festival naked

January in Japan it’s as cold as in other countries of the world. But severe weather is not afraid of thousands of brave men running naked through the streets Inazawa. The festival, under the name of Hadak Matsuri, held in Japan for a long time and it is devoted to ritual cleansing of the citizens of this country. It is believed that if you touch a naked man named Shin — Otoko, then you should certainly visit luck.

7. Festival saints

Prayers, religious songs and other religious glorification of the Lord, you can hear not only in the churches and houses of prayer, but also one of the grandest Hindu thaipusam celebrations. On this day people arrange colorful parades. One of the traditions of this festival is the piercing of the whole body of different pins. The pain that one experiences when performing this sacred ritual, is supposed to symbolize the devotion and love for God Murugan.

8. The festival of the slaughter of food

Before you visit Spain, where the people love to organize these celebrations, it is advised to visit Italy, where the spectacle is no less impressive. So, the small cities of this amazing country, beautiful ladies has long had a tradition of throwing a balcony with oranges in their fans. Soon, it is just a joke grew into a big festival, on which we organise real orange fights.

In Spain a similar event not less interesting. There exists a feast of carnage tomatoes, pouring wine and water.

9. The festival «Jump through the children»

Residents of the village of Castrillo de Murcia, Spain, believe that to bless babies one…jump. During the annual celebration, the so-called «Body of Christ», children are placed on the mattress. Then, a man in a devil costume must jump over them several times that the kids were healthy, happy and bezgrebelny. Tradition exists since 1620.

10. Festival of the phallus

To attend the festival of the glorification of the male sex organ, having gone to Japan or Greece. Multimillion demonstration in the form of a giant penis, sweet treats in the form of this body, unusual chairs of the same shape, which can sit everyone, the temple of the penis, the Ministers of which are prostitutes, — all of this can be seen in the annual festival of Kanamara Matsuri in Japan or in one of the cities of Greece, where the phallus festival is usually celebrated before the feast of the Passover.