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Unusual holidays and festivals in Spain

Many foreigners regard Spain as a country of eternal holiday, and it’s hard to disagree. The Spaniards, being very cheerful, sociable and creative people came up with many unusual holidays and festivals, which are still surprising and of great interest to tourists. Stay 5 most interesting holidays Spain:

Tomatina in Spain

La Tomatina (Spanish “La Tomatina”) is one of the most famous and unusual festivals in Spain since 1945 in the small town of Buñol (Bunol) 40 km. from Valencia. Tomatina is not just a celebration with fireworks, dancing and contests, but a real tomato battle, which is traditionally held in the last week of August.

Photos of La Tomatina festival in Spain 2014

The main part of the festival begins with a special signal from the town hall, after which appear the main square trucks loaded to the brim with ripe tomatoes – and they serve as projectiles. The goal of fun is quite simple – you need to slightly crush the tomatoes, scatter them as much as possible the number of participants and try not to get under fire, although to stay clean during the battle almost impossible.

In a two-hour battle, attended by about 40 thousand people and destroyed more than 100 tons of tomatoes. The festival ends with a dip in the pool, filled with tomato juice.

The Tomatina festival in Spain is considered a most unusual event. During the festival the population of this small town is increased by 4-5 times. Each year the festival becomes bigger and bigger.

Egg-flour war “Enfarinats”

Enfarinats is another Spanish festival-battle, which uses edible Arsenal. Unlike Tomatina, in Enfarinats main weapons are eggs and flour, and to participate in combat, can only men.

An improvised war is held in IBI (Alicante province) before the New Year.

Egg-flour war Enfarinats in Spain

Before the battle, all participants are divided into two groups. The first group includes married men who play the role of “invaders” of the city, publish a comic laws and monitor their implementation. Every offender is required to pay a fine, otherwise it will immediately fill up with flour and eggs. The second task of the group is to protect the citizens of the city and drive out the robbers.

San Fermin in Pamplona

San Fermin (ESP. Sanfermines) – run with the bulls and the most extreme holiday Spain. A constant venue of the race is the city of Pamplona in the North of the country.

The famous running of the bulls has been held for eight centuries, although world-wide fame he has acquired only in the XX century, thanks to Ernest Hemingway, who described the charming atmosphere of celebration and Pamplona in his novel.

The race of bulls through the streets of Pamplona for San Fermin

The holiday lasts from 6 to 14 July. At this time, tourists and locals have a unique opportunity to fight with the bulls in speed and agility. Daily in the morning on the streets of the old city release 12 angry animals, and the brave men trying to run with them 850 meters. According to participants, to overcome even half way.

Needless to say that the running of the bulls – employment is extremely traumatic. Nevertheless, every year come to Pamplona from 1 to 3 million people to participate in the race and see an exciting show.

The feast of the living dead in Spain

The feast of the living dead – another unusual Fiesta Spain, which takes place in Las Neves on July 29.

The holiday was invented by those who have ever been on the verge of death. Thousands of people participate in the procession, thus expressing his homage to the patroness of all the resurrected Holy March. At 10 am some of the believers go to ground, and their loved ones carry them from the Church of Las Nieves in the cemetery, after which all go to Church and pray for those who are still alive. However, not everything is as bleak as it may seem at first glance. The day ends with music, dancing, entertainment and a beautiful fireworks.

Kasteli – human towers of Tarragona

Autumn passes another unique competition, which has become a true landmark of the country. In the city of Tarragona team come castellero (Spanish castellers) from the neighborhood in order to build the highest and beautiful tower of people.

The tradition to build the tower came from the folk dance of Catalonia. Dancers, after the music had to line up in a small pyramid. Over time, the dance was not so popular, but fun to build human towers grew into a tradition.

Live human towers in Spain, Castel

The construction of the living towers is a very exciting and colourful spectacle. Sometimes castellorum able to build a tower height of 10 levels. At the base are the most powerful members of the team, they hold the entire structure on their shoulders. On a higher level are girls, and the top of the tower complete children.

On conditions of competition, not enough to build a “live” pyramid, it still needs to carefully disassemble, and it is not possible for all teams.

The competition is accompanied by a folk festival with music, dancing and contests for children.

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