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Festivals of Poland

During a tourist trip to Poland, you can meet. the culture of different parts of the globe. On numerous festivals, often with long traditions and high prestige, very willingly artists come from many countries – from the virtuosos of classical music, jazz musicians, masters of happening, the experimental theatre Directors to representatives of the exotic to European folklore. All are unanimous in stressing the exceptionally warm welcome and a very emotional reaction to the Polish public.

The Jewish culture festival in Krakow

Every year in June, the streets, squares and buildings of Krakow Kazimierz filled with a crowd of thousands of guests and participants of the Festival of Jewish culture. He gets every year for 12 years, and during this relatively short period it has managed to gain fame as one of the most interesting festivals in the world. Thousands of tourists come to Kazimierz from different countries of the world. The festival programme encompasses music, dance, cinema, theater, visual art, literature and workshops in singing and crafts. In addition, those interested can learn how to prepare dishes of the Jewish cuisine and to undergo a crash course of learning the languages Yiddish and Hebrew. The Jewish culture festival in Krakow is an extremely intense week full of performances by artists with an international reputation. It is a celebration of life and at the same time the Kaddish memorial prayer. The final concert on Broad street has become a symbol of the relationship carefully preserved traditions and avant-garde contemporary art.

Festival of street theatre in Krakow

Interesting razvlecheniy for tourists is the international street theater festival, which takes place in Krakow’s Main market square, with 1988 in the first half of July. He draws an international galaxy of leaders of the genre that “intrude” into everyday life, making hurry for some people the time to escape from worries, to give them a poetic mood or just to surprise tricks and unusual acrobatics. Colorful mass spectacles, free from language barriers, overcome barriers in communication between people of different cultures.

The folk festival of highlanders in Zakopane

In turn, in late August, tourists should definitely visit Zakopane to visit the International festival of mountain lands (still held 32 such festival). In the capital of the Polish Tatra mountains come dance and musical groups from around the world. Mountaineers from the Caucasus to the Balkans, as well as ensembles from Africa and the Americas share a love of folk traditions, the spontaneity, the cultivation of national art and ancient traditions.

One of the oldest folk events in Europe is festival the Week of Beskid culture, which continues the traditions of the Feast of the mountains, observed in the period between the two world wars. For nine days at the turn of July and August are held dozens of concerts and creative meetings in cities such as Vistula, Schirk, Zywiec, semi-trailers Podhalanski, Auschwitz. Thousands of spectators participate in the festivity along with artists from Poland and all over the world. And in the famous resort town of Ciechocinek, you can visit the song Festival and culture of the Gypsies – colorful event held annually in July since 1997, Is the biggest festival of Roma culture in Europe.

Homeland Frederic Chopin not to use at least one of the many possibilities to listen to the works of the great composer. From may to September, every Sunday concerts of Chopin’s music are also held in Warsaw Lazienki Park. In July and August, outstanding pianists from Poland and from all over the world give concerts in the framework of the Chopin Festival, which takes place in the area of Duszniki zdrój, (a well-known resort in the Sudetenland).

There are successful and also the festivals of organ music. Their exceptional nature to a large extent depends on the quality of the instrument, the acoustics of the place where concerts are held. In many churches in Poland are ancient and great sounding bodies. The most popular concerts in the Cathedral in Oliwa (Gdansk). Tool in the Rococo style of the second half of the XVIII century is one of the most valuable in the world. Worthy of his glory virtuosos are involved in passing within 30 years of the summer International organ festival. No less disgraceful also the body in the majestic Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in kamień Pomorski. Beautiful sounding instrument, created by the masters in the XVIII century, you can also listen to during running throughout the summer International organ festival, first organized in 1965 The festival programme includes both classic works and contemporary pieces.

A famous festival is also Wratislawia Cantans in Wroclaw. International festival in 2002, has grown to passing during the entire year of concerts, ballet performances, film screenings and exhibitions. They can listen to Gregorian choirs and Gospel & Negro Spirituals, classical music and avant-garde, all performed by famous orchestras, choirs, ensembles and soloists.