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the Original Festivals of the Slavs

Nature is everything that is in God Kind. One of the Laws of Nature is cyclical. Everything is going in the world according to cycles: day and night, autumn – winter, after death comes birth. To live in rhythm with nature is to live according to the laws of the Universe, and to live by the laws of the Universe is to be healthy, happy and dwell in prosperity, Love, and balance.

In this section we will remember Slavic holidays and family traditions and customs, which for centuries kept and kept our glorious Ancestors. Each season has its own character, its sound and power of influence in a particular area. A person living on land, becomes a part of it. Time of year – the manifestation of a particular kind of Power of the most high (this energy we know as REIKI energy. in the Vedas this energy is described as the Ingle, primordial Light) in the countenances of Native Gods.

So, interacting with different manifestations of the most high God, people adjusted (slowlybut) on the forces of the environment. Just as each planet, which has its reflection in man, the vibration of each God also has its reflection in every person on earth (“as above, so below” is also one of the laws of Nature. Not supporting the harmony of all the vibrations in his body, the man starts to hurt, suffer, be sad, is a disorder in Affairs. Harmony, harmony and beauty in the world and in the family depend mainly on women – vibration of the Goddess Lada.

If a woman lives in harmony with the Universal vibrations, her life will be harmonious, full of love and understanding. In such a family has no problems with her husband’s infidelity, alcohol and lack of understanding. The husband of a woman of the most successful and children are the most talented. Every woman in Russia has long been aware of the holiday, in what time and what ritual to perform and how to fill your home with the appropriate Supreme energy (REIKI). Each action has its day and time, this confirms the science of Astrology. Therefore, referring to the particular day to any manifestation of God on earth, we attune to this vibration in our world comes to harmony and happiness.

We invite you into the magical world of Slavic Vedic Culture to meet the original Family holidays Slavs. Make yourself comfortable and we on this page we begin a journey into the depths of centuries.

Slavic Holidays

Autumn holidays

Autumn circle holidays Slavs devoted to the veneration of Ancestors, the underworld and the dark (secret) of the Gods. Ancestor worship is inextricably intertwined with the cycle of the feasts dedicated to the harvest, which begins in the summer, with Spasov, and ends Ovsenem. After Osena starts the time devoted to Mother Earth and to the adjustment (synchronization) of human life processes of the earth. Last month of autumn and beginning of winter is entirely devoted to the Ancestors and the secret of the Gods, for it is the most dangerous and cold the time when people need help and at the same time protection against unknown forces of the Other World.

On 1 September. Semargl. Holiday Candles.On 8 September. Rajaniti. The Second Most Pure, The Feast Of Mother Earth. Indian summer.

On 14 September. Iry. On shift. The day started a strict 9-day cleansing of the Soul and Body.

On September 22 Usenew intonation. The autumnal equinox. Volkhov rites.

September 25 Ovsenev. Grey Yar. Radogost. The svetovit. Is celebrated on the third day after the autumnal equinox.

1 October Cover of Mother Earth.

On 15 October Bolotina.

October 22, Autumn Santas 27th Day from Osana.

October 26 Mocosa Shifted on the 8th Friday of Roganic.

Winter holidays

Winter cycle: Slavs devoted to the dying and the birth of a new life. Korochun – the image of an old dying year, Christmas new born year. Consequently, the first half of the winter cycle dedicated to the veneration of secret forces and protect themselves from evil, the second half – the glorification of the new Sun, Light and Life. The main winter holidays are Christmas or Christmas Carol, which lasts 12 days, from December 27 to January 6.

Christmas day – 8 January.

On 14 January. Prophetic week.

On 20 January. Daylight.

On 2 February. The Gromnitsa, Stretch, Meet.

February 6-12, Shoes – Carnival.

11-20 February. Veles day. Valesova Yuletide.

24 February Budnik (Finding of nests).

Spring holidays

The spring part of Coloroda the feasts of the Renaissance of life, youth and violence of nature. At this time, the most revered of Gods impregnating and giving birth to life.

March 1. Zaklichki (Spring Stribog), observed after 27 days after Gromnitsy. Calling birds from Iria.

On March 8-9, Frets and Lely. Spring festival, the mother Earth.

March 10 – Larks. Sorochany.

March 15. Start strict 9-day retreat of purification of body and soul.

Sunday before Velicogna. Verbica. Palm Sunday.

On 21 March the new year (Yary).

Navier Easter. Maundy Thursday. Thursday before Velicogna.

March 24. Jari Red – Easter Of Digboi.

March 25 the Annunciation. The Opening Of Svarga. The Glorification Of Spring.

On 26 March, the Evangelist. Spring Day Of Perun.

April 24, Jari Violent (Spring) – 30 days after Yarila red.

1-2 may Live. Aralica.

May 6, Trinity. Green Sunday.

On 10 may the Mermaids Easter. Zelnik.

May 13, Seeing Mermaids (Monday one week after the Zelnik).

May 15, Trojan. Spring Grandfathers. 40 days before Kupala.

31 may – 6 June. The mermaids. A riot of nature.

Summer holidays

Year round festivals of the Slavs of the most colorful and fun, so alive and full of nature, life is revealed in all its manifestations. The summer holidays are the festivals of the cult of birth, harvest and protect this crop from a variety of misfortunes. The idea of procreation and offspring reveals itself in almost every holiday, the main of which is bathed-Sameria.