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Multicultural youth festivals of Russia.


Thematic youth conventions . or, as they are called in Russia, festivals . brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy, movies and animated films, as well as other Hobbies appeared on the territory of our country in the 90-ies of the last century. The first steps were bold and did not differ by mass, unlike similar events in Europe, USA or Japan, where the conventions of a variety of passed since the end of 70-ies. Gradually, however, the Russian actions have formed a solid audience and a strong interest among representatives of various subcultures. Starting as a semi-legal club events, many of the festivals today are large national, or even international festivals, attracting hundreds and thousands of participants and spectators.

On the vast territory of Russia thematic activities began to develop in the Central part of the country. Appeared event, representatives specializing in the role-playing and reenactment movements ( festival-Zilantkon in Kazan ), the fans of science fiction in movies, games and books ( convent “Starcon” in St. Petersburg ) and the fans of Japanese animation and culture of Japan ( all-Russian festival of Japanese animation in Voronezh ).

The basisof all such events were the meetings of interested people, creating platforms for creative activity, communication and development “of fandom” — the company’s interests.

Initially activities were a no-contest, however, with the increased interest in various creative sub-cultures, there was the competitive part. In particular, it affected the festivals, which were attended by theatrical, musical, dance, song and art direction. One of the first such festivals became Moscow “Animatrix” . Samara “the Black Dragon” and a few other themed festivals.

However, there are still festivals, where guests of the Convention, among other vnutrepenialnyh events, presented exclusively show program, without any of the competitive disciplines. The most famous festivals with shows are all-Russian festival of Japanese animation in Voronezh and South-Russian multicultural festival “Tanabata” (Rostov-on-don) .

At the beginning of the existence of thematic festivals, the organizers, as a rule, were the clubs, whose members decided to pursue their passion by major events (e.g., fans club Asian culture “Jump” . the club of historical fencing “Ardakan” and others). Today formed a large team of organizers of such festivals, where participants share experiences and try your hand at organizing other activities.

The basis of such festivals – stage cosplay (from the English. costume play – costume play), which involved the whole theatrical performances or fashion shows.

Participants sew costumes, make additional items, think over dramatic action, and so on. In addition, many of the festivals this format, you can hear vocal performances where singers sing songs in different languages. Recently appeared dance numbers. Creative direction of events is not limited to stage rooms, hosts online competitions, exhibitions of artists and photographers, will be exhibited for show clips and commercials, competitions about sports, etc. As a rule, the bulk of the festivals focused on versatility, though, and narrowly focused topics. So, on the festivals, fairs, lectures, master classes, meetings with famous (inside fandom) people, music concerts, film screenings and other vnutrepenialnye activities.

Over the last few years the bulk of themed events in Russia to be a “multicultural” festivals . that allows you to reach a wider audience that wants to creatively develop in several directions and topics, usually youth.

Some of the venerable old events such as the festival of traditional Japanese culture “Animatsuri” in St. Petersburg . has maintained its specialization and a particular orientation, focusing on the significance of the events. But such festivals.

Organizers also are experimenting with the format of the festivals, reaching and sometimes unpredictable results. Themed events from club “disco” has grown into a real Christmas shows ( “new year Party” in Balakovo and “young Anime Tree” in Voronezh ), outdoor activities ( “Soft Podolnick” in Voronezh ) and exhibition ( “the Ancient world” in Samara ) and other informal events.

Today on the territory of the Russian Federation monthly pass for two to three major thematic events of international, national or interregional character, not only in the Central part of Russia, but also in the Urals and Siberia. Appear activities relevant to international competitive sites of different subjects. For example, the multicultural festival “Panicon” (Kaliningrad) and the festival of Japanese culture “Hinode” (Moscow) are qualifying venues for international competitions, cosplay and karaoke (vocals in Japanese), which means that Russian themed events have moved to a higher level.