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Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

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Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world.

Almost any wedding celebration – this is a vivid embodiment of the observance of traditions and rituals that are passed down from generation to generation. Although some of the customs are slightly different and more modern form, the essence does not change, and we once again buy a bride, steal it during the midst of the festival, sprinkle the newlyweds with candy and rice and divide the loaf. All these traditions are beautiful and quite pleasant, however, in some countries there are some unusual, and sometimes even absurd rites.

For example, in China, for a month before committing the wedding ceremony future wife after dark should cry. After ten days these tears of the bride should wash their moms, and on the eve of the feast, in the evening, including the “crying” should not only engage girls who marry, but also their friend. According to local belief, if a girl will respect that “tear” tradition, her family life will be filled with only happiness and joy.

Another strange custom can be seen in Scotland. In the provincial towns of this country made showering the bride with mud, and the mud is not ordinary, and specially prepared by the guests, represents a certain mass of all sorts of sauces, milk, vegetables and other products. In such a “clean” the girl driving through the streets of the town, and it would be desirable to see as many people as possible. The explanation for such a strange behavior of the guests is the fact that after “the walk” of all the troubles and problems in family life will seem to her a totally nonsensical.

A kind of funny way of disqualification from future family of evil spirits is smashing plates and other utensils during the ceremony in Germany. The essence of this “ugliness” is to create as much noise as possible, because it was his fear of all sorts of evil.

If in Germany only beat the dishes, then in South Korea are sounding more and groom. After the celebration, before releasing new husband to his young wife, his first strip off his socks and shoes, then tie his feet and immediately start whipping. And beat him any stick or cane and solely at the feet, but hit the groom must each guest. So, he arrange a test “strength”.

A certain rite in Mauritania has led many brides would just horrified. Here taken before the wedding the bride to fatten that for our girls was just too cruel, after they torture themselves with various diets to be slim. The fact that the concept of beauty they are somewhat different from ours, and the skinny girl is considered not beautiful, but quite the contrary.