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Music festivals in Europe in summer


If You love music and music festivals – then this article is for You. From there You will be able to find out what music festivals will be in Europe in July – August 2009. And to choose a suitable place and time for the musical tourist travel. So if music is for You not only support, but also an end in itself – go on a musical journey through Europe in the summer of 2009.

We begin our journey from London, which has long been the trendsetter in music fashion and style. To 9 July 2009 in London will be launched in June, the London festival. This massive music event will focus mainly on classical music, but the program always are present and jazz concerts, Opera, film screenings, etc.

The next festival in Albion Festival, The BBC Proms, which will be held in London from 17 July to 12 September. It is the largest classical music festival in the world, is supported by the BBC. All concerts will be held at the Royal albert Hall. This festival attracts the best musicians and the most famous conductors. The programme includes works by Beethoven, Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, avant-garde works of the 20th century, popular music, jazz and more. Entrance fees are inexpensive, so in what does not deny!

And London last chord Offset festival. This rock music festival takes place in the suburbs of London in a forested area 29 – 03 August 2009. This is one of the biggest music festivals in the UK, then you can see how the monsters of rock of Albion, and young team.

In July 2009, France claims the title of the jazz center of Europe, there will be two jazz festival. The first is in Paris, in a beautiful Park Floral de Paris, the concerts are usually held on weekends. The festival attracts jazz bands from all over Europe, this is a real feast for all lovers of jazz and Blues.

While the resort is nice You can relax on the French Riviera and visit the magnificent jazz festival Nice Jazz Fest from 18th to 25th July 2009. This is one of the most prestigious and the most ambitious jazz festivals in the world. In his time here played by miles Davis and many other international celebrities.

The next festivaloct – Italy.

In Rome all summer hosts the jazz festival “Villa Celimontana”. Then the musicians will perform all possible jazz and tribute will be given of jazz improvisation and the young Italian jazz talents.

The next festival will delight fans of Opera are Opera festival of Tuscany will be held in four cities of the province: Florence, Arezzo, Abbazia di San Galgano. Barberino. The founders of Opera will present Opera productions, musicals, famous works in classical and avant-garde treatment.

Simply Vienna before 9 July will be held the Vienna jazz festival “Jazz Fest Wien”. Jazz will be heard in many concert halls and clubs of Vienna, come – you will not regret it.

Belgium is also not lagging behind its neighbors in Brussels from 14 to 23 July at the Brussels summer festival. The program of this festival is full of a variety of styles of music, then jazz and Blues, and hip-hop, rock, and classical. Everyone will find the concert of your choice. Musicians from around the world will be performing on the main squares of the city and in many clubs. Moreover, the festival is not limited to music, there will also be street entertainers, children’s performances, dramatic productions, movies, and more.

Further proceed in close and almost native Poland, which is not far behind from Western neighbors, so music festivals of Poland in the summer of 2009.

From 4 July to 29 August in Warsaw will be held the Festival “jazz in the old square”. Two months residents and visitors to the Polish capital every Saturday will delight jazz concerts, all kinds of styles, from traditional jazz to fusion.

Fans of the drums and everything connected with them just like at the Warsaw festival of drums, which will be held from 1 to 10 August 2009. You are waiting for the concerts of ethnic music, jam sessions, workshops drumming and tantsevalnye workshops. This young festival, but has won the respect in the circle of lovers of ethnic music. The streets and clubs of Warsaw will dance and play together with You!

And from 16 to 31 August Warsaw will listen to Chopin. International music festival “Chopin and his Europe” priurocheny the 200th anniversary of the great composer. The objective of the festival is to present musical heritage of Fryderyk Chopin in a wide cultural context, to reveal the unique features of his style and creative relationships with other composers of the XIX century, as well as with artists and musicians of future generations.

Well and drove to Krakow on the way home from Europe can be reached in early June at the Krakow Opera festival, and at the end of August for the annual festival “Music in Old Krakow”.

In the Opera festival program works by Puccini, Rossini, Verdi and other famous composers.

And during the festival “Music in Old Krakow” is an opportunity to feel the spirit of the old town, listening to classical music in a wonderful performance of world-famous bands and musicians in churches and churches of Krakow. In the festival program as the composition of the classics and talented contemporaries.

That ended our musical RAID on Europe. Autumn again going to listen to music, see you there!