Music festivals in Europe in summer
  If You love music and music festivals - then this article is for You. From there You will be able to find out what music festivals will be in…

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The weirdest festivals of the world
People who are used to their culture, holidays, other peoples seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try not…

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Unusual festivals

First creative success of the Theater – I degree diploma at the all-Union festival of puppet theatres for the artistic design and puppets in the play “Ruslan and Ludmila” /94 dolls/. Based on the poem by A. S. Pushkin. Art Director – A. Tsukanov. Director-producer – B. L. Oseledec

In 1988 directing the play “mouse Mytsyk” Irina Tsukanova received the diploma of I degree at the national festival. Actress Galina Zgurski and Ludmila Taran received diplomas of III degree.

In the third decade of the Theatre takes part in the International festival “Cristales vtree”. Diploma of the Festival marked the play “Much”. Personal certificates are awarded to the best actor’s work. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

In 1995 – Theatre – participant of the International festival of the Nordic countries, in Germany /Aachen/. The play “Variety” Serpentine “or Dolls can all” received the diploma of I degree. Author and Director – I. Tsukanov.

In 1996, the theatre takes part in the International Festival “Zolotyi Telesyk” (G. Lviv), the show “the speckled hen” received a diploma and a special prize for the music / composer T. Tsukanov /. Director – Irina Tsukanova.

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Summer festivals in Finland


Summer in Finland, tourists will not be bored. At this time, there are many cultural and entertainment events – a traditional festival of Opera and jazz, and alternative, as the world championship wife carrying and playing an invisible guitar.

In summer, Finland is becoming a platform for various cultural events. This summer will be no exception, and tourists will be invited to lots of events in different parts of the country.

From 15 to 19 June in the town of sodankylä, located 120 km from the Arctic circle, traditionally held a festival called “midnight sun”. Organized by the Directors Kaurismaki in 1986, the festival features a casual atmosphere – there are no red carpets, world movie stars sitting in the audience next to normal guests. Previously, the festival was visited by such famous figures of modern cinema, like Terry Gilliam, Milos Forman, Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch. The festival program is divided into three parts: the films of famous Directors, new movies and works of silent cinema, broadcast on the screen accompanied by live performances.

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The Five dance festivals in the world


Among the festivals which are held all over the world perhaps the most prominent are the dance festivals . Well, where else but on a dance show programs, Grand costumed processions can be seen so much passion woven together in the movements of the dancers, competitive excitement, the gleam in his eyes, the atmosphere expected dance celebration! Here are our TOP five most spectacular, grandiose festivals of dance.

Canadian dance festival Wendake

One of the most remarkable and attractive dance festivals Wendake is held in Canada (Quebec). Local tribe of Indians of Huron (Huron-Wendat, Wyandot — the once-powerful Indian tribe in North America) believes that dance is sacred and executes it from year to year, from century century during the first 13-the moon (video dancing Indians see below). “Dance of Friendship” — so-called tourists and locals, who are always welcome at the festival. The Indians and festival guests Express their gratitude to Mother Nature for a bountiful harvest, singing while dancing the words that were passed by the Hurons from mouth to mouth for hundreds of years. Dancing people dance in a circle and alternately open in the center of the circle. There is no racism, there is a friendliness here the sparkle of joy in her eyes and a smile on his lips.

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The Most unusual festivals of the world


1. The festival ’s Las Payas” (Valencia, Spain )

Fire festival is held from 14 to 19 March and attracts thousands of tourists. Every day, at exactly 14 hours begins the so-called “mascletá» – pyrotechnics on the ground, and closer to the night fireworks are launched into the sky. The culmination of the holiday is La Cremá – burning specially prepared for this festival huge figures and stuffed.

2. The world Cup ’s Mountain oysters” (the city of Throckmorton, USA)

Close to Texas in may championship ’s mountain oysters”… In fact oysters here and “smell”. It’s just a slang name local cowboys referred to as bull testicles. First prize awaits the one who is best going to fry them. Judges will evaluate everything: the appearance of the cooked food as it is served, the aroma and taste. According to these criteria and selects the winner.

3. Bega cheese rolling (of Coopers hill, UK)

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How to celebrate your child’s birthday in the summer

As to celebrate children’s Birthday party in the summer? We will try to help You plan the best holiday for the whole summer day!

Many children are nervous that their Birthday falls on summer days. After all, not to mention with schoolmates. We are confident that the warm summer days are the best days for an unforgettable party!

We expect to celebrate the birthday of You will be at their summer cottage. Holiday scenario and contests suitable for groups of children of different ages: from 6 to 13 years.

For party You will need the following materials: balloons, paper garlands, flowers, fruits, vegetables, sweets, cake, ice cream, juices, tablecloth, disposable tableware, garden furniture, a music center.

For the scenario “Summer adventure” You will need the following materials: a treasure (gift, bag, balls), paper, milk, matches, scissors.

First of all, You need to think about invitations for friends children. If he has friends to invite in person, we offer to write the time and place of the party directly into bright balloons. Have the child walk with a bunch of the neighbors and give the balls their comrades. To sign the ball should be as follows:

Dear …,

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