10 most bizarre festivals
  Every year thousands of people gather to take part and look at really unusual festivals. The roots of many of these celebrations have deep roots embedded in the old…

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International festival in Spain
  We invite art groups and their friends to participate in the international festival in Spain 'Sunshine Festival!' on the Mediterranean sea. - choreography (ensembles, soloists) - instrumental performance (ensembles,…

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Summer festivals in Finland


Summer in Finland, tourists will not be bored. At this time, there are many cultural and entertainment events – a traditional festival of Opera and jazz, and alternative, as the world championship wife carrying and playing an invisible guitar.

In summer, Finland is becoming a platform for various cultural events. This summer will be no exception, and tourists will be invited to lots of events in different parts of the country.

From 15 to 19 June in the town of sodankylä, located 120 km from the Arctic circle, traditionally held a festival called “midnight sun”. Organized by the Directors Kaurismaki in 1986, the festival features a casual atmosphere – there are no red carpets, world movie stars sitting in the audience next to normal guests. Previously, the festival was visited by such famous figures of modern cinema, like Terry Gilliam, Milos Forman, Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch. The festival program is divided into three parts: the films of famous Directors, new movies and works of silent cinema, broadcast on the screen accompanied by live performances.

In 2011, the Finnish city of Turku was named the cultural capital of Europe. And, apparently, not in vain. Every year the city hosts dozens of events cultural orientation. This summer Turku Continue reading