Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world
Collection Papilio Nymph has an unusual combination of popular vintage style and modern trends of wedding fashion. Strict, elegant cut wedding dresses Papilio and clear lines create a silhouette of…

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The newspaper ABC has chosen 12 of the best carnivals in Spain
  In February in Spain, the carnival season begins. In large and small cities held celebrations – scale and not very modern and has a long history. The newspaper ABC…

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Holidays and festivals in Thailand


In Thailand is the huge number of holidays is a tradition that everything here carefully observe and honor. Also festivals: some very fun and colorful, other – formal and majestic. But, whatever the festival, or holiday, in any case, having been on it, you get a lot of positive, memorable experiences. Will tell you about some holidays and festivals.

National holiday Makha Puja Thais celebrate when there’s a full moon in the third lunar month. Usually this holiday is celebrated in late February or early March. This holiday is connected with the events in Buddha’s life – in that day 1250 followers of the Buddha, not saying a word, came to him from different parts of the country to hear him preach. This day considers public holiday throughout the country. Thais should be sure to make this day any honest work. And after sunset, Thai people come to churches with candles and flowers to honor the memory of the Buddha and his followers.

Very popular fishing in Phuket – addictive and amazing pastime, when hundreds of anglers competing for the biggest caught the trophy.

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Food festivals of Italy. Puglia: a festival Tipica

Try to come to dinner to a local family will feed you so that you will not be able to get up from the table, and the owners are lamenting that guests never went hungry.

Of course, in Puglia has something to do in between meals: will not leave anyone indifferent walk through the unique Trulli of Alberobello (this old white houses with conical roofs, the UNESCO heritage sites) or excursions to the national parks of the Gargano and the Murgia. Still, the countryside – is an incredible variety of vegetables, fresh and preserved, it is many, many homemade pastas with rich sauces, it’s ruddy awesome selection of breads and crackers, it is surprisingly tasty fish, spicy dried sausages and more.

It is possible to see, to smell, to taste and buy on the gastronomic fair Tipica in Castellana Grotte (Bari area). Here are represented all the traditional products of the region, and among the visitors are many Italian food lovers and foreign tourists, who come from as far as China.

The festival Tipica rather unusual: if such fairs are open from morning until early evening, everything only starts at 17: 00 – open the gastronomic stands and offers tastings of all kinds of products. At 21.00, start cooking show and dinner. Every evening the famous Apulian chef in the company of comedians is their menu, which you can enjoy Continue reading

Where to go in September: 6 main festivals of the month


September many call the best month for travel. At this time the weather is pleasant, but yesterday crowded areas are not so crowded. As an added bonus – low prices and lots of seasonal holidays. What events are worth seeing in September?

Santa Tecla (Spain)


The feast of Santa Tecla – noisy and fun event in Tarragona. It is devoted to the patroness of the city and each time transforms Tarragona, filling its streets with life. Santa Tecla is considered intangible property of the whole of Spain. The roots of these celebrations go in the XIV century, when originated all major festive rituals. In the processions through the streets of Tarragona bring together musicians, dressed in the costumes the actors, dancers.

whatelse77 / Foter / CC BY

The most famous element of Santa Tecla – construction of a living tower. Participants stand to each other on the shoulders, trying to break last year’s records. There will be a lot of shows, performances and competitions, which are guaranteed to appeal to tourists.


The historical regatta (Italy)

In the beginning of the month Venice traditionally becomes the venue of the regatta. The canals of the city like back in the XV century, and the crews dressed in period costumes, are trying not just to win – at least Continue reading