Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world
Collection Papilio Nymph has an unusual combination of popular vintage style and modern trends of wedding fashion. Strict, elegant cut wedding dresses Papilio and clear lines create a silhouette of…

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Czech Republic
  the "Prague spring", "the Smetana litomyšl", "Hukvaldy Janacek", international music festival in český Krumlov international organ festival in Olomouc or "strings of autumn” – this is only the most…

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The Best summer music festivals in Europe


Summer in Europe is inextricably associated with music festivals. Let’s see what Europe will be the biggest and most interesting music festivals in 2011.

Rock festival Roskilde ( Roskilde), Denmark

This festival of rock music — the biggest music scene in Northern Europe.

When is Roskilde: in 2011 the festival will be held from 30 June to 3 July with the participation of Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, PJ Harvey and TV On The Radio.

Music festival Bestfest (Bestfest), Bucharest, Romania

The largest music festival in Romania, which takes place on the field near the lake ten minutes from the airport of Bucharest. Great musicians, great location and cheap beer or three main components, which attract many music lovers.

When is Bestfest: in 2011, this festival will occur on July 1-3, among the headliners Skunk Anansie, Mika, Asian Dub Foundation, Pendulum and Roger Sanchez.

The music festival Optimus of Aliv ( Optimus Alive), Passeio Marí timo de Algé s, Lisbon, Portugal

When will Optimus of Eliv . in 2011, this festival will be held from 6 to 9 July and will be attended by Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Blondie, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kaiser Chiefs, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Iggy, the Stooges and many others.

Festival Exit ( Exit), Serbia

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Multicultural youth festivals of Russia.


Thematic youth conventions . or, as they are called in Russia, festivals . brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy, movies and animated films, as well as other Hobbies appeared on the territory of our country in the 90-ies of the last century. The first steps were bold and did not differ by mass, unlike similar events in Europe, USA or Japan, where the conventions of a variety of passed since the end of 70-ies. Gradually, however, the Russian actions have formed a solid audience and a strong interest among representatives of various subcultures. Starting as a semi-legal club events, many of the festivals today are large national, or even international festivals, attracting hundreds and thousands of participants and spectators.

On the vast territory of Russia thematic activities began to develop in the Central part of the country. Appeared event, representatives specializing in the role-playing and reenactment movements ( festival-Zilantkon in Kazan ), the fans of science fiction in movies, games and books ( convent “Starcon” in St. Petersburg ) and the fans of Japanese animation and culture of Japan ( all-Russian festival of Japanese animation in Voronezh ). Continue reading

Music festivals in Europe in summer


If You love music and music festivals – then this article is for You. From there You will be able to find out what music festivals will be in Europe in July – August 2009. And to choose a suitable place and time for the musical tourist travel. So if music is for You not only support, but also an end in itself – go on a musical journey through Europe in the summer of 2009.

We begin our journey from London, which has long been the trendsetter in music fashion and style. To 9 July 2009 in London will be launched in June, the London festival. This massive music event will focus mainly on classical music, but the program always are present and jazz concerts, Opera, film screenings, etc.

The next festival in Albion Festival, The BBC Proms, which will be held in London from 17 July to 12 September. It is the largest classical music festival in the world, is supported by the BBC. All concerts will be held at the Royal albert Hall. This festival attracts the best musicians and the most famous conductors. The programme includes works by Beethoven, Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, avant-garde works of the 20th century, popular music, jazz and more. Entrance fees are inexpensive, so in what Continue reading